Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Special Time with my Sis!

Ken and I were up at 6:45 to get ready to go to the Church service here in the CG.  We made a cooked breakfast, cleaned up, and then walked to the clubhouse where the church service was being held.  We were there by 9:15, had another chance to practice with Cindy, and where ready for the service which started at 10.  

I felt very relaxed to sing today and was so thrilled to have the opportunity to sing with my sister.  Who would have thought several years ago that we would both be RVing, be at the same CG at the same time and have the chance to sing together?  Thank you, Lord!  We had the piano "man" give us a starting note and we sang the whole medley of songs without any accompaniment.  I think we stayed on key, but I wouldn't have wanted the piano man to give us our ending note.  It may not have been too "pretty"!  All in all, I believe we did a good job!  

It was a special time for us!

Sunday evenings a group here at the CG has what is called "Sunday Night Live" where they play and sing and invite people to come on stage and sing while they accompany them.  Cindy and I decided we will sing a silly camp song we learned when we were very young.

We sent a photo of Ken and I to both the girls to wish them a Happy Valentine's Day.  We certainly miss them! 
I certainly love sharing life with this man!
Then Ken had a long conversation with Rick Zapf, who is in the Key West area with his wife, Joyce.  They are in our small group at Church back home.  We are looking forward to seeing our entire small group, in about a week, to have dinner together in the Venice area.  Deb and Lloyd have a home in Venice, Rick and Joyce are using their Time Share in the Keys, and the rest of us (3 couples) are in our motorhomes not too far from Venice.  Unfortunately, another member, Marvin, is home in PA.

I talked with Doloris and Fred, our camping friends from PA, who are staying with her sister near Tampa for 1 week before a group of family members are going on a cruise from Cape Kennedy!  They were driving to Manasota Beach today to soak up some rays.  We are hoping to get together either here on Pine Island or we will meet them half way to spend some time together including eating out.  We really want to see them while they are in Florida.

After lunch, Ken and I decided to take a long walk.  We stopped to see Ed and Sandy from New York, who have a park model here in the CG.  We enjoy "checking in" with them whenever we stay at Pine Island.  We had a nice visit and plan to go out to breakfast together this coming week.  We also visited with Coy and Betsy who we see here every year and Paul and Reggie stopped by while we were chatting.  So, we got to "catch up" with numerous friends we enjoy seeing each year on the Island.

Ken and I took a long walk on this beautiful warm, sunny day - it actually got into the 70's. I stopped at the CG library to get some good "reading material" and met Sharon there, another camping friend.  Ken was napping when I got back to Waldo, so I rode bike over to Cindy's site so we could rehearse the silly camp song we are singing at Sunday Night Live tonight  We only went through it one time and felt we were ready.  Like I said, it is a simple silly song!

Ken grilled salmon and chicken for dinner and we had it with a salad - what a surprise!  Buy the time we finished eating and quickly did the dishes, it was time to go to the clubhouse.  Boy, they had a full house!  It is amazing to me how many good musicians and singers stay at this CG.  The band members are very talented and they have a good time.  We enjoy them every year!  Cindy and I had a lot of fun singing our song and we succeeded in making the audience laugh!

All of these musicians are staying in the campground!

Time for just some "fun singing"!

Everyone else that sang knew what key they were singing in, but
we had no idea.  We never even saw any music for this song,
but the musicians were able to join in!

Ken took a photo at the back of our campsite when we got back at 9:15.  It was Happy Valentine's Day on Pine Island.  A great day to Celebrate Life and all the love Ken and I have for each other and our family!


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