Saturday, February 6, 2016

We Made the Most of a Very Rainy Day!

After showers and a light breakfast, Cindy picked me up to go to a craft show in a 55+ community here on the island.  Both of us had planned to participate in the craft show that was supposed to be today at the campground.  But because of all the rain that has fallen here recently, the parking area was so muddy and squishy, that there would have been no place for people from the community to park.  So it was cancelled until the beginning of March.  Unfortunately, we will not be camping in the area but we do have a show scheduled for that day in the Bradenton area.

Ken was such a sweetheart and offered to do the laundry at the CG laundromat while I was gone.  He said that was the least he could do for all I had gone through the last week.  Like I said, he is a special person!  Cindy and I were gone about 1 hour and he was back to Waldo about the same time with the wash dried and folded.  Wow!

We cleaned up Waldo and made salads for lunch.  I also cut-up lots of veggies to saute while Ken did some reading and meditating.  We packed up food and drinks while the veggie sauteed and then we went to Cindy and John's motorhome to grill and have lunch together.  Chuck, Melissa, Neil, and Nancy also joined us.  We all brought our own meal, but enjoyed being together to eat.  Of course, it started raining and raining hard when it was time to grill.  John and Cindy have a roomy site and were able to put their picnic table under their awning so we could eat outside.  By the time we were finished, it was raining harder and had gotten fairly cool.  So we took things back to our RV's and then met at the clubhouse to have a cornhole tournament.  We were fortunate to have a large enough room to play indoors and we had such a good time.  Some of the group played pool when they were waiting their turn for cornhole.  By the end of the tournament, Ken and I were the winners, but it was such a close one.  

We take these games very seriously!

Chuck and Neil had fun playing pool when they were
waiting their turn for cornhole!

It was still pouring when we returned to Waldo around 5:15.  Ken did some reading and watched the news while I looked through some recipes for the Super Bowl and really did some organizing of Waldo.  

Chuck, Melissa, John and Cindy arrived here at 7:30 and we had a fun evening playing Skip-Bo and Up the River.  It was a victorious night for the women!!!!  We had so much fun and there was a lot of laughing!  

This was a special day with special friends and family.  Rain doesn't stop us from having a good time!!!!!

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