Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Trip to Gasparilla and Boca Grande!

Ken went to LR around 6:15 to read and do some meditating.  I woke at 7:15 and did some reading before getting up.  We worked together packing our lunches and prepping for breakfast.  

Ken cooked breakfast while I got ready.  We ate and I cleaned-up while Ken loaded our bikes and packed the car for today's adventure.  Chuck brought their bikes down to be loaded.  The 4 of us left the CG at 9:45 and drove about 40 minutes to Gasparilla Island and Boca Grande to meet Ernie and Noela.  It was a cool morning with temperatures in the low 50's when we arrived and quite windy. 

 The men unloaded the bikes and then the 6 of us took a walk along the beach where the search for shark's teeth and special shells began.  The best place to find shark's teeth was right along the water's edge, but the surf was choppy and came far onto shore.  You had to run from the water so you wouldn't get your shoes wet.  (It was too cool to be barefooted or in sandals!)  Unfortunately, this gal challenged the waves and the waves won.  My shoes and socks got soaked.  After about 45 minutes on the beach, we returned to our bikes and I needed to change to sandals. My socks and shoes were "squishy".

What a beautiful area!

The hunt has begun!

Better back up, Chuck, the water is getting
too close to your shoes!!!

This private home covers an entire block. It
actually looks like a fortress!

Another large home right at the edge of the beach!

Melissa was the only one to find a piece
of seaglass on our 1st beach stop!

It was a bit cold on the "piggies" when riding bike.  We rode to Boca Grande at the end of the island, parked our bikes, and more shark's tooth and shell hunting began again.  I actually found 2 of my favorite shells, tulips, and about 15 or more beautiful olive shells.  I had a "ball"!  Of course now my sandals and feet were soaked.  What's a girl to do????

Such a nice bike path on the island!

Don't know the history of this lighthouse, but
it is a very old one!

This is the beach at Boca Grande, the very end of the island!
You can look across to Bokeelia at the end of Pine Island!

This is a very pretty area!

We are such "treasure seekers" on the beach!

Love how the water glistens.  Would have been a windy day with
a rough surf for sailing!

No wonder I got my feet and shoes wet.  I can't stay away
from the water!

These pelicans liked posing for Ken!

A more modern day lighthouse!

We got back on our bikes and returned to our vehicles after riding about 7 miles.  The men loaded the bikes and we drove to a park area on Gasparilla where we ate our lunch on a picnic table on the beach.  By now the wind had really gotten stronger as well as the gusts.  All of us were rather cold, but had such a fun time together!

Yes, it was chilly!

Our view from the picnic table.  Not bad, huh?????

We got in our vehicles after finishing lunch and headed to the downtown area for some ice cream (as if we weren't cold enough!).  We said our good-byes to Ernie and Noela (we will see them again tomorrow) and got back to the CG at 4:00.  We unloaded the car and the bikes and then Ken took a nap while I downloaded photos and worked on the blog.

Downtown Gasparilla!

This is the ice cream shop!

In this little enclosed area, we were protected from the
wind, but it was still cool.  Of course, the ice cream
probably didn't help!
Ken grilled salmon and chicken and I sauteed lots of fresh veggies in olive oil, including broccoli, green beans, onions, peppers, squash, zucchini, and brussel sprouts - Yum!!!!  After cleaning up and doing the dishes, we got somethings ready for tomorrow's trip to Manasota Beach after we leave church.  We will stop by Ernie and Noela's to change.

Chuck and Melissa were here from 7 to 9:45 and the women won Spades, but the men won 5 Crowns and Skip-Bo easily.

I finished this blog and then it was off to bed.  What a great day!  Ken and I are so blessed to have such special friends!


  1. Glad you are enjoying! Going back to Boca Grande is definitely. On our bucket list!

  2. Oh my gosh, Sis, I never thought we looked alike, but that pic of the 4 of you at the picnic look just like me. Sorry!!