Friday, February 5, 2016

A Busy Day Off the Island!

Ken was up before me again, but after some reading and getting dressed, we decided to go for walk.  We texted Chuck and Melissa to see if they wanted to join us, and by 8:30 the 4 of us were off and "walking"!  It was about 59 degrees and very windy, which is why we didn't play pickleball.  Also, it had started to rain about 7 PM last evening and rained, sometimes hard, until about 11:30.  We thought the court might be too wet.  It turned out that the court was dry but it was way too windy!

We were back to our motorhomes by 9:45, changed, had a light breakfast, and left in our CRV at 10:45.  We drove to a Farmers Market in the Ft. Myers area and spent about an hour walking around and buying some fruits and veggies. We left there by 12:45 to go to my dermatology check-up appointment.  We appreciated that Chuck and Melissa were so willing to go with us, even though I had an appointment. You know they have to be very special friends!

The 4 of us walked into the office at 1:00 and the "boys" were in such a silly mood. We brought a lot of smiles to the folks who were in the waiting room. They told me they were a little behind schedule and they would see me as soon as possible.  When Amanda, the nurse who I had previously, came out to get a patient, she started laughing at Ken and Chuck.  I told her the sooner they saw me, the sooner I would get them out of their office.  Within 5 minutes she returned to take me back.  Ken went with me so we would be certain that I understood everything I needed to do, for 2 sets of ears are always better than 1.  

As soon as she removed the bandage, she said it looked good, but the "skin" that had formed on it needed to be removed.  She said I could do it, but she started the process with a piece of gauze.  Almost immediately, a "bleeder" started, shooting blood across the room.  Then she said, "Now I remember this lip!  You have a blood vessel very close to the surface that was evident during the Mo's Surgery".  She called for extra help and for the Dr. to come, since she couldn't get the bleeding to stop.  They determined it wasn't an emergency, but she had to apply pressure to the wound for 10 minutes before the bleeding ended.  They said that it normally takes about 20 minutes but it stopped in 1/2 that time because I wasn't on a blood thinner and I was younger (Imagine that!) Hallelujah!  Originally Amanda said I would probably be numbed again and cauterization would be necessary.  I was not too thrilled about that possibility, so I was relieved when they got it under control. But the worst part of the whole thing was that Ken was in the room.  He is not real good about blood and medical "things".  When we left the office, Chuck and Melissa thought he looked rather pale and a little "green".  He was definitely traumatized!  Poor Baby!!!!

We left there and headed to Sweet Tomato for lunch, about 6 miles down the road.  It was crazy how busy it was for being 2 in the afternoon.  We had to wait for a table to become available!  It found it a bit difficult to eat, because now I had a patch back on my lip and it was a bit sensitive from all the pressure that had been applied.  But, we had a great time and sat there till 4 just chatting and enjoying coffee, tea, and dessert after going through their huge salad, soup, and bakery bar.

From there were went to Costco and then on to Wal-Mart.  We only returned to the Campground at 7:15.  I would call that a long, full day.  Cindy and John had invited us to join them for more cornhole, but we stopped by to tell them we had just returned, had groceries to put away, and I was not supposed to bend over for 24 hours.  So, the 6 of us, plus Neil and Nancy, plan to get together tomorrow around 1 to grill and eat together and then play cornhole and ladder golf.

Chuck, Melissa, Ken and I got together in their RV to play games at 8.  It was a terrible night for the women.  The men "slaughtered" us at Skip-Bo and Pinochle.  It was not a pretty sight!!!!  We were back to Waldo by 11 and I worked on my blog while Ken read in bed.

All in all, it was a fun day!  Ken is definitely feeling better!!!!!!!!

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