Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Good-Bye Pine Island and Hello to Rambler's Rest Again!

I only got to bed around 11:45 after spending time putting things away inside Waldo for our trip to Rambler's Rest.  Ken was awake at 5:00 and got up to listen to weather reports and do his devotions.  They were predicting heavy rain and severe storms for today and Ken was trying to decide when we wanted to begin the trip back to Venice, about a 1 1/2 hour drive.

We were getting ready by 6:30, cooked eggs, and were hooked-up and on our way to Venice by 8:15.  When we got to within a 1/2 hour of the CG there was a tornado warning for that area until 10, so we stopped at a Wal-Mart to delay our arrival in the Venice.  I talked to Jamie, and Cali is still sick and home from school.  She had a Dr. appointment yesterday and has strep throat and scarlet fever.  Both Jamie and I thought that was not an illness that was still around. Apparently it is a result of the strep.  She is feeling better today and her fever is gone.  She hopes to return to school tomorrow! 

We pulled into the CG at 10:15, having driven the last 1/2 hour in rain and a broken windshield wiper.  Ken had to peek through the raindrops, but it wasn't that bad!  We are fortunate this time to get a very nice site that is covered with pine needles and not water!!!!  It was raining very steadily when Ken was hooking up the water and electric.  I had the "dry job" of getting organized inside.  He will connect the sewer when it isn't raining!

We decided to leave all the slides in until after the severe thunderstorms left the area.  At 1:30 our phone alarms went off saying we should seek shelter due to a tornado that would be passing through or near our area.  So after checking the news and radar, we got in the car and drove north towards downtown Venice, south of the area that was to be in the "line of fire"!  Well, why not make use of the time???  We stopped at Sonny's for lunch.  When we left there around 2:45 the rain had stopped and the tornado warning had passed---there was damage within about 10 miles of the campground.

Cindy had called when we were driving to make sure we were safe.  We assured her that we were fine and just waiting out the storm.  When we returned to Waldo, Ken unloaded the car, including the bikes, and we put out the slides.  We could have additional rain, but not severe storms.  I recorded our expenses, did some reading, and then we played cards.  Ken won the 1st game of Pinochle - he should have, he had 3 double knuckles.  I won the 2nd game!

We decided to go for a walk around the CG and there is water everywhere!  It must have really rained while we were gone.  Fortunately our site sets a little high and is covered with pine needles.  We felt fortunate to have a rather dry site, considering!!!

Ken had a salad for dinner and I was still "full" from Sonny's.  He left at 6:40 to go to Celebrate Recovery at a local church.  I spent the evening making jewelry and watching American Idol.

I did talk to my mother today and it appears that the IV antibiotic is helping my dad's cellulitis to improve.  It is a slow process, but it seems to be heading in the right direction.  I also talked with Noela and they weathered the storm well today also.  Both of us were not very far from some tornado destruction, so we are thankful that none of us experienced any damage!  

Chuck and Melissa were supposed to check into Ramblers Rest today, but they decided to stay in their current CG until tomorrow due to the weather forecast for today.  We are so anxious to see them and spend the next 4 weeks camping together.  Ernie and Noela will join us for numerous activities too!

Ken returned at 9:15 and we enjoyed a cup of tea together.

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