Friday, February 26, 2016

A Cool, but Beautiful Day!

Ken and I were awake and reading by 6:00.  It was sunny, but only 47 degrees.  What is going on with the cool temperatures?  After all, we are in Florida!!!!

We made flax pancakes with plenty of fruit, cleaning up and were out the door by 7:20 and headed to Estero for my dermatology appointment.  This was my 2nd follow-up visit since the Mo's procedure on my lip.  We were at the office by 8:40 and all is well.  The surgeon did a great job. They commended me on the job I did taking care of the area, and they were pleased with how nicely it had healed.  I joking told the nurse not to touch my lip because I didn't need another bleeder like what happened at the last check-up.  (Ken decided to not go in with me today)  I was given the "all clear", but need to see my dermatologist back home to treat some scattered abnormal cells on my lip.  That will require some cream that needs to be applied 2X daily for about 2 weeks, the same thing I did on my chest before coming to Florida.  No big deal!

We made a few stops on the way back to the CG in search of a lug nut that we lost while driving Waldo.  So far we have had no luck in finding the right replacement.

We were back to the CG by 11:15.  By now it was very sunny and around 66 degrees with a bit of a cool breeze and lovely!  I worked on the blog and then we had lunch.  Chuck and Melissa were running errands and stopped by when they returned.

We discussed possible plans and adventures for our week including spending time with Noela and Ernie.  We also did just a little talking about our trip outwest.  She left around 12:30 and we decided we would meet to play pickleball at 2 here in the CG.

We had so much fun on the pickleball court.  It was around 65 degrees, about perfect for playing, but a bit windy.  Fortunately the court had wind screens and that really helped.  We played till 4 and had so many good volleys and close games.  This is one of my favorite ways to get exercise and steps.

Everyone of us was a winner on the Pickleball Court!

Back to our RV's to shower and get ready to go to Rib City for dinner.  The 4 of left the CG at 5:15 stopping at Detwilers Produce to stock up on fruits and veggies.  Then on to Rib City to met Ray and Barb for dinner at 6:00.  Barb claims that their food is superior to Sonny's, but I am not buying into that.  I am a loyal Sonny's Barbeque fan!  The 6 of us had a fun time together and I must admit that the ribs, baked beans, and homemade coleslaw were delicious, but have only had pulled pork sandwiches at Sonny's, not ribs.  So I can't really make a comparison.  After all, you can't compare "apples to oranges".  I guess I will just have to make a return trip to both of them having ribs at Sonny's and a pulled pork sandwich at Rib City.  What a sacrifice!!!!!

Looks like a lot of empty plates.  We must have been
very hungry!
The 4 of us returned to Rambler's Rest around 8:15 and got together to play games, or I should say "a game".  Our game of Pinochle lasted about 1 1/2 hours with the men being the victors in a very close game.  

We were very tired and went right to bed when we called it a night at 10:15.  Looking forward to a bike ride tomorrow.

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