Monday, February 1, 2016

Relaxing Morning and Then A Bike Ride! Our Best Weather Day Since Arriving in Florida!

Ken was up a bit before me and we both did some reading before beginning our day.  I made an appointment for a follow-up appointment regarding my Mo's Surgery for Friday.  Also asked if I can keep the "dressing" off at night and when just around the motorhome.  That was a yes and from me a Hallelujah!

After breakfast, we both got ready for the day.  Ken spent a lot of time cleaning our gas grill in preparation for leaving Rambler's Rest on Wednesday.  We took a walk to the office asking about a package I expect to be delivered tomorrow. Then we took a short walk around some of the CG.  Upon our return to Waldo, Ken decided he wanted to read and take a short nap.  I went outside to finish reading my book and then put shells around the top of my wine cork sign holders I made a few days ago and am planning to use at craft shows.  I was happy with the results of the craft project.

We ate lunch and then headed out the CG to go to Ernie and Noela's.  The 1st of the month many, many RV's move to different CG's if they rent by the month. Monthly rentals always begin on the 1st of the month, so 70 people checked in today.  Lots of  "in and out".  As I looked at the line-up of RV's waiting to register, I told Ken that I think I see Chuck and Melissa's motorhome.  Ken took a quick glance and said he didn't think so.  I kept looking and then I saw their car being towed and very excitedly I said, "It is them".  So we did a U turn, got out of our car, and by then Chuck was coming out their door.  He had seen us slowing down, staring, and then make the turn around.  We were all laughing and hugging.  Melissa was in the office, so we headed that direction and there were more rounds of smiles and hugs.  So good to see them.  They were hoping to get set-up and then surprise us by knocking on our door.  

We headed to Ernie and Noela's which gave Chuck and Melissa the day to get set-up and go to Costco and Wal-Mart for needed supplies.  We walked to the office at Harbor Lakes to get more info on their "roll out" this Saturday when they get the new pricing for next year's rentals and to find out what sites would be available if we should decide to stay there for the 3 month season.  Not quite sure what we want to do but we are trying to explore all options.  We did some walking around the CG to look at the possible sites we could lock into for 2017, but we will continue to think about it.

The 4 of us drove to the Cape Haze Pioneer Bike Trail which is about 15 minutes from their CG.  It is a beautiful trail where Ken gets to take more pictures of an eagle and its eaglet.  We were excited that we were able to view both and get some great photos. 

The trail is about 15 miles round trip, but we only did
8 or 9 miles today!

A lush trail.... bridges.....

and an eagle....

...and its rather larger eaglet!

I think that must be his/her tongue!

Love the tree it chose to have its nest!

The trail ends at Placida and we took a walk on the fishing pier.  We saw two rather large iguanas and the majestic large blue heron and large white egret! 

The iguanas were not shy at all and so colorful! 

They look so majestic! 
Looking over to the new bridge that is being built to go
to Boca Grande and Gasparilla Island!

Walking back from the fishing pier!

Then we enjoyed the fishing area that also has some old fishing shacks that are unique artsy gift shoppes.  They are colorful buildings much like the ones in Matlacha.

What a special photo of Ernie and Noela!

White pelicans!

Some of the colorful metal work!

After riding 8 or 9 miles we were back to our vehicles, loaded our bikes, and were on our way to their CG.  Ken and I had brought leftovers for dinner, so the 4 of us ate outside.  It was a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine and temperatures that got to the low 80's.  A perfect Florida day and the best weather day since we arrived!

A photo from the back of Ernie and Noela's

We all left at 6:30 - Ken went to the Church to Celebrate Recovery and Neola and I went to Bealls to shop.  Ernie was kind and took us there.  She bought a pair of capris and a shirt to match, but I didn't find anything.  Imagine that! Poor Ernie!  He will be glad when we move on and I don't take Noela shopping!!!

Ken picked me up at the mall at 8:15 and we headed back to our CG.  We went right to Chuck and Melissa's to chat and "catch up on life".  It feels so nature to be back together.  We left there at 11 and went right to bed.

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