Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Kayaking Adventure!

Ken and I had a great night's sleep.  We woke at 7:15, did some reading again, and then Ken and I worked together prepping for breakfast.  We had delicious omelettes and fresh fruit.  We packed some snacks, drinks, and necessary clothing and water proof bags for a kayaking trip.

Ernie and Noela arrived at 9:45 and after some organizing of the CRV we left the CG and headed to Monroe Marina right down the road.  We had each rented tandem kayaks for the day and by 11:00 we were paddling our way around the south part of St. James City.  

Paddling down the canal when we left the Marina!

Pretty fancy boat!

We passed behind some beautiful homes along the canal that had interesting places for sitting outside. 

Not a bad place to watch the boats go by or watch the sunset!

Then we came to the end of the canal and paddled in the Gulf.  What a peaceful and relaxing paddle.  We got close to Galt Island and then found a canal that would take us back to where we started our adventure without retracing most of our trip. 

Paddle left, paddle right and then repeat the pattern!

This looks like a relaxing way to get through the Gulf!

One large catamaran!

You  do have to paddle if you want to move!!!!

I loved this paddle in the Gulf!


A stately anhinga!
A Blue Heron!

Totally in sync, but not going anywhere!

This Anhinga thinks he is hiding!  We see you!!!!

 Some large homes along this canal. 

Some of the homes had 4 levels.  I am sure they can see
for miles!!!!

I think you got off the "path"!

To get back to the Marina, we had to go through this "tunnel" and return to the original canal.

We did have to go back the canal where we had left the marina.  All in all, we paddled for 3 hours and it was delightful.

We are getting close to the Marina and LUNCH!!!!
This is Woody's on the Canal, but we decided to go to The Low
Key Tiki Hut!

Note all the boats tied up at Woody's so the "sailors" could
have lunch! It was a busy canal today!

At the marina they were celebrating their anniversary with free food and live entertainment.  It was very crowded so we decided to go next store to the Low Key Tiki Hut and eat at a table along the canal.  Ken and I both got their chicken skewers and as per usual, they were delicious.  We also drank several pitchers of iced tea!

This is the Low Key Tiki Hut - rather busy today!

The Happy Kayakers with full bellies!

Not a bad setting for lunch!

Looking down the canal from our table!

On our way back to the CG, we stopped at the St. Jude Trail, about a 1/2 mile trip to the back bay.  It is a nice trail ending at a small boardwalk.  It is one of Ernie and Noelas favorite small walks.  We headed back rather quickly for the no seeums were starting to bite.

This is the beginning of the St. Jude Trailhead!

Ibis among the mangroves!

The end of the trail and time for the ladies to rest!  Don't
jump, Ernie!!!

What a view!

We also saw this red tailed hawk!!!!

We arrived at the CG around 5 and Ernie and Noela left for their trip back to Harbor Lakes.  What a wonderful day with special friends.

Ken and I unloaded the car and put things away.  Then we went across the road to talk to the campers in a Minnie Winnie.  After a nice chat she expressed an interest in seeing my jewelry.  She asked if she could purchase some - I think YES! So she came inside Waldo and we went through my finished products and she purchased 4 sets - thank you so much!

Ken had a salad for dinner, but I really wasn't hungry.  I got a fruit tray together to take with us tomorrow when we visit Dave and Sharon Horst.  Ken cleaned up and did the dishes while I showered.

Then I worked on the blog and Ken sorted through the photos he took today. We watched some TV and packed the beach bag for tomorrow's adventure in Goodland (near Marco Island) with the Horsts.  It will be so much fun!

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