Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Fun Day with Cindy, John, Cousin Mary, and her Husband, Paul

We were up by 6:45 and the morning flew by.  We read, showered, and had a cooked breakfast.  By 8, we were saying our good-byes and giving hugs to Chuck and Melissa who were leaving to head to Daytona.  We were sad to see them leave, but we know we will be back together in about 2 weeks. 

There appears to be lots of older folks in Florida and many of
the men have gray beards!

We saw these 2 on a Most Wanted Poster!!!

There is a gentleman who has been coming to this campground for 20 years and he washes and hand waxes any kind of RV.  We hired him to wash and shine Waldo.  He arrived at 9 and before working on Waldo, Ken talked with him and then said he was going to take our CRV to the car wash.  He said, "Not necessary!  I'll wash it before I start cleaning Waldo".  What a guy!  He did a great job!  After he finished washing Waldo, he left and will return in several hours after it dries and then he will hand wax it and clean the windows.

Ken and I debated about moving to Chuck and Melissa's site which is right beside us and is larger.  The maintenance man for the CG, Bob, stopped by and said they would be happy to move us to a more favorable site in the CG, but they are totally full for the month of February.  He thought we should definitely move to the neighboring site which would give us more space.  So tomorrow we will "reset-up" on that site.

We picked up Cindy and John at 10:30 and we drove to Sarasota (about a 1 3/4 hour drive from Pine Island) to visit our cousin Mary and her husband Paul who bought a home in a community in that area about 2 years ago.  What a gorgeous home with a phenomenal lanai and pool area.  The 6 of us drove to Simon's Coffee House for a delicious lunch of paninis, homemade soups, and salads.  It was a special time for fellowship too.

Mary and Paul took us to this great restaurant for lunch.

Then back to their house to enjoy more time chatting and sitting around their pool.  We left there around 4:30 and headed back to the CG arriving around 6:00.  On the way back, Nancy called and said they were going to have a campfire and the 4 of us should join them.

What a great place to spend the afternoon!

A very quiet and private setting!

Ken and I changed to warmer clothing and walked over to Neil and Nancy's and had a fun time sitting around the warm fire and meeting 3 other couples who are RVer's in the CG.  Cindy and John didn't join us, for Cindy is having pain in her neck and didn't want to sit outside in the cool weather.  Also, John wanted to go for a walk to get his needed steps for the day!

We were back to Waldo by 8:30 and enjoyed watching American Idol.  I worked on this blog and downloaded photos.  

We were in bed by 10:30 after a special day with family and friends.

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