Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday!

After eating 1/2 of a flax pancake for breakfast we got ready and walked up to the Clubhouse with Chuck and Melissa for the Church Service here in the campground.  It was a full house and a very meaningful service.  My sister, Cindy, sang "There is Strength in the Name of the Lord" for the special music and she did a fantastic job.  She knows how to tell a story thru a song.  I think I was more nervous than she was!  I was so proud of her that it brought tears to my eyes!

Everyone was so attentive when she was singing!

She looked so relaxed, comfortable and happy!!

They had a time of fellowship after the service and we enjoyed talking to people we knew from being here previously and meeting new RVer's.  After some encouragement, Cindy and I signed up to do a duet in Church next Sunday.  Hopefully I can just relax and enjoy the moment.  Who would have thought that in our retirement years we would be in the same campground with Cindy and John and the "Althouse girls" would have the chance to sing together in a CG church!  Crazy!!!!

Around 11:45 the boys went for a long walk on the island.  Melissa and I took a walk all around the CG.  Then I stopped at Cindy's and we went through some music she had brought from home and found 3 short songs that we can do as a medley for next Sunday.  I also tried to help her find a better way to download photos onto her blog, but her "set-up" is quite different from mine and I was no help at all!  Sorry, Cindy!

We all spent the afternoon in our Motorhomes.  Ken read and took a nap while I got some food ready for our Super Bowl Party.  I did talk to Noela and to my mother, and all is well.  Ernie and Noela had planned to join us tomorrow for a trip to Sanibel Island, but they are predicting strong winds and cool temperatures, not good for bike riding and eating out.  So, we will try for another day.

Around 5:00 Chuck, Melissa, John and Cindy joined us in Waldo for our Super Bowl Party.  Everyone contributed some "snacky" type foods and we had such a good time watching the game together. It was not the most exciting Super Bowl, but the fact that the Broncos won kept these fans very happy! It was a great defensive game. Everyone left around 10:45.

Near the end of the game and we were all so excited - well,
maybe not everyone!!!!

Ken and I finished cleaning up and then went to bed and did some reading.  It was another great day on Pine Island!

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