Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday - Cool Day, but Sunny!

Ken finished his devotions and reading rather early.  I got up at 6:30 and we got ready to go to the Food Bank at Edgewater Church!  We left at 8:45 and I had a nice conversation with Jane Good, a member of our small group back home, on the way to the Church.  Her husband, Alton, is still recovering from a stroke he had back in September.  He has definitely improved, but there have been some setbacks along the way.  It has been tough for them, but they seem to be handling the situation well.  We certainly missed them in Florida, because they have been snowbirds for several years.  

We did not have a lot of food for the folks who came to the food bank today, especially low on baked goods and bread, but they were still very grateful.  The workers at the Food Bank acknowledged that this was the last week Ken and I would be helping and thanked us for our service.  We told them how thankful we were for the opportunity to participate and be blessed.  The workers at the food bank are such a great group of people and we will certainly miss them.  They look forward to us returning next year and so do we!

We got back to Wilbur at 1:15, had lunch outside, and then left for Venice.  We stopped at Detweiler's Market for some produce before meeting Frank, a friend from back home, that will be moving to Sarasota permanently with his wife, Barb, the 22nd of March.  We met him at a Starbucks to get the title for the Honda Civic we are buying from them.  We will be a 2 car household again - Hallelujah!  We chatted for about an hour and then Ken and I stopped at Wal-Mart for a few more groceries before getting back to Wilbur.

After putting everything in its proper place, we both felt tired, so we rested for about 45 minutes.  Then it was time to make salads for dinner and warm up leftovers.  Ken grilled himself a bean burger.  I did dishes and worked on this blog till Ernie and Noela arrived around 7:30. The men were the winners of Hand and Foot, but it was within 400 points going into the final round, which they won "big time"!

Looking forward to driving to LaBelle tomorrow to spend the day with my sister, Cindy, and her husband, John.  I see pickleball in our future!

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