Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday - Day Spent with Barry and Deb!

Ken and I only got up at 6:45 and after watching the morning news headlines, he went to Publix to get another Key Lime Pie to serve to Barry and Deb today!  I spent time stretching and then catching up on my blog!

After breakfast, we walked over to spend some time chatting with Ernie and Noela.  Jamie called and we had a nice time talking.  At 10:15, Barry and Deb, our friends from Canada who spend the winter RVing in Naples, arrived to spend the day with us.  We hadn't seen them since last March, so it was a great reunion.  We 1st met Barry and Deb when we were both camping on Pine Island about 8 or 9 years ago and until last year when we started spending our entire winter stay at Harbor Lakes, we would camp near them at Naples for our 1st week in Florida.  Last year they stayed at Harbor Lakes for 3 nights on their way back home, but this year we only had 1 day to spent together. 

We sat inside Wilbur visiting before leaving to go to Farlow's on the Water for lunch at 1.  We had delicious food on their outdoor patio that was heated.  Back to Wilbur for more sharing of life and then at 5:15 they left to return to Naples.  We certainly enjoyed our time with them.

Enjoying our time with Barry and Deb at Farlow's! 

I worked on this blog and Ken did some reading.  I did go over to see Ernie and Noela and invite them to play games in Wilbur this evening.  They arrived at 7:15 and we played a game of Hand and Foot with the women winning "big time"!  We had delicious Key Lime Pie as a treat!  Barry and Deb had brought Ken some ground coffee from Tim Horton's in Canada, so he made a cup for himself and Ernie.  Thanks, Barry and Deb for the tasty Java and thanks to Ernie and Noela for a fun evening!

I finished this blog and Ken and I were in bed by 10:15.  

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