Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday - What a Special Day!

Well, we awoke to another morning in the 40's and very windy - I thought this was Florida!  What is going on considering it is March!!!!

Ken met Ernie for their morning walk while I did my normal morning "routine"!  After breakfast, Ken went to Wal-Mart and Publix for a few groceries for our small group gathering later today!  I vacuumed and dusted Wilbur and did some reorganizing.  Ken spent most of the morning setting up outside, because we had put everything in a safe place and taken in the awning because of high winds starting last Friday.  Today it was windy, but okay for the awning!

Somehow we were busy the entire time until Eddie and Lori arrived at 1:15 to have us ride with them to Levenrock Restaurant where we would get on the water taxi for the ride to Palm Island.  Rick and Joyce met us there so the 6 of us from our Life Group at home could spend the rest of the day together.  The 15 minute water taxi ride only cost $6.00 per person and that is a round trip ticket.  They take you to Palm Island, a rather exclusive place to reside, where you can enjoy a meal at Rum Bay Restaurant, but you are not allowed to leave that property to check out the island.  It is a private island and they do not want strangers roaming around.  The restaurant has very good food and from 2:30 to 5 they have a special menu where you get a choice of about 10 entrees for 2 for $22.00.  The meal includes the meat, salad, veggie, and delicious coconut pineapple bread with orange marmalade butter.  What a feast for $11.00!  The restaurant was not very busy, probably because of the cooler, windy weather, so we were able to sit and chat there for a long time.  

Do you think it is a bit windy?

The Red Tide is killing lots of fish!  These are mullets!

Walking on the dock from the water taxi
to the restaurant!

Palm Island is quite an exclusive place.  The residents can
only get there by boat or on the barge that brings their
cars too!

Enjoying time with friends and our special "hubbies"!

What a happy group!

I really like how they display the shells.  I
would like to do this for our home!

Our bellies are "full" and we are ready for the boat ride
back to our cars!

On the "taxi" ride back, Ken joked with the captain and asked if he had planned the dancing dolphin viewing!  No sooner did Ken ask, then a dolphin decided to frolic in the wake of the boat and what a show we viewed.  The boat captain did a wonderful job of creating the kind of wake where the dolphin enjoyed "performing"!  It was positively amazing.

Can you tell it is windy and rather "cold"!

Let the dolphin show begin......

This dolphin loved performing for the boaters!

What a fantastic ride!

The barge for cars and people who are leaving or going
to Palm Island!

Birds on the sandbar when we returned!

The 6 of us spent the evening in Wilbur playing 2 games (8 rounds) of Hand and Foot.  The men had won a game we played several weeks ago and the ladies won the 1st game tonight by a huge margin.  So, it was time for a tie breaker, which the women won again.  Ken and I provided some snacks and then we all enjoyed a piece of Key Lime Pie!  What a phenomenal day with special friends.  If you have never gone to Palm Island via the water taxi, I would highly recommend it.  

The group left around 10 and Ken and I headed to bed.  This was definitely a day to Celebrate Life!!!!

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  1. Fortunately for you, the temps get out of the 40's. I wish we woke up to temps in the 40s!!