Friday, March 23, 2018

Thursday and Friday - 46 Degrees but Sunny When We Left Harbor Lakes! Back to PA!

Ken did some reading and devotions before I got up at 6:15.  We put last minute items in a safe place for travel, had cereal, and then went outside to disconnect the electric.  Ernie and Noela came over just as we were finishing.  It was time for hugs and good-byes but the 4 of us made reservations to return to Harbor Lakes again next year, so we will be together again.  Also, we are planning to make a road trip to Canada sometime this summer to see them and Barry and Deb.  

Ken and I hooked-up the CRV in front of the office and left the CG at 7:40. 

Ready to head to PA, but not excited for the cold weather.  I
prefer the palms swaying in the warm breeze!
Good-bye Harbor Lakes Campground until December!

 We did some reflecting on our time here in Florida and we both agreed that it was an unbelievable winter.  Being connected to a Church and serving there was such a blessing.  We met so many wonderful like minded people.  All our special events with Rick and Joyce and Ernie and Noela added so much to our time too, such wonderful friends!  Then of course, it was sharing special days with my sister, Cindy, and John.  We always enjoy being with them and especially our pickleball games!  I could go on and on about all our wonderful adventures, but let's just say we created lots of amazing memories that will have a special place in our hearts forever!

When we got on I-75 I called Cali to wish her a Happy 9th Birthday - where does the time go????  I also talked to Jamie regarding the snow in PA and she said the schools only had a 2 hour delay today.  They did get about a foot of snow which ended around 8 PM last night, but by this morning the roads had been plowed and driveways and sidewalks shoveled and already most of them were bare.  It was going to be very sunny and in the 40's today, so the biggest concern now is possible flooding!  We had planned to stop at Exit 57 at Walterboro, SC, but because today's weather is fantastic for driving and things at home seem to be good, we will keep driving as long as we are alert and feeling good!  Who knows how far we will go?????  Maybe we will make it home tomorrow instead of Saturday!

It took us a long time to get out of Florida (it is a very looooong state!) because there was an accident and road work on I-75 as well as road work on Route 310.  We stopped for lunch at Exit 1 in Georgia and we had been driving for 6 1/2 hours - wow!  While we were driving to that destination I made lots of phone calls and sent some messages to friends.  It was a great time to "catch up" on correspondence!

We made a couple gas stops, rest area stops, but kept driving until we reached the Cracker Barrel at Lumberton, NC, having driven 638 miles (but who is counting!).  By then it was 9:15 and we hadn't had dinner, so we went into Cracker Barrel for soup and Ken had a pancake! 

I must have been extremely tired, because I didn't even take off my make-up (haven't skipped that step in years) and we both decided to sleep in our clothes.   Knowing Ken, I assumed we would be back on the road very early, so why would I want to waste time dressing and putting on fresh make-up in a few hours???? We were in bed by 10:15 (in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel) and feel asleep rather quickly.  

At 3:15 Ken was awake and asked if I would mind if we started "rolling".  No problem for this gal, for it was what I had planned for today!  So by 3:45 we were back on I-95 after all I was dressed and my make-up was still in place!  At 5:00 we stopped at a Denny's for breakfast and then the trip north continued. I sent some phone messages to friends and family that wanted us to keep them updated as we traveled.  I must admit that I took one 45 minute catnap around 8 - my eyes were so heavy!  

It was another perfect travel day and when we entered PA we got a call from Jamie that all appeared good at our apartment and she was sending us pictures of the street in front of our building and the parking area where we put Wilbur when we arrive home.  All looked clean and very "doable"!  Rather amazing, considering they have about a foot of snow the day before!

We stopped near York to have lunch and in that strip mall there was a service for licensing and titling cars -  Wow!  So we went in and were able to get all the paperwork for the car we will be picking up in Ephrata tomorrow completed as well as getting the license plate and owner's card immediately, all in about 20 minutes.  What a deal and we thought we would have to put that into tomorrow's busy schedule - DONE!!!

We enjoyed a delicious pizza buffet (not good for our soon to begin diets!) and then arrived at our apartment in Lititz at 3:15!  We were so thankful to have gotten home in such good time and with no issues.  We love uneventful trips! Ken did a positively amazing job driving.  Over 1100 miles and he drove everyone of them!  We were amazed that the parking lot at our apartment was cleared of most of the snow and we were able to park Wilbur in his usual spot!

Hard to imagine that this area had 12 inches of snow 2 days earlier!

Then it was time for the fun to begin!  You forget how much loading you do for a 3 1/2 month trip in Florida, but you are quickly reminded when you start bringing things back into the apartment.  We worked together unloading the car and then I stayed in and put everything into its proper place while Ken continued loading and unloading.  It is a massive job especially when you live on the 2nd floor!

After such a big, late lunch, neither of us were hungry, so we showered, watched a little TV and were in bed by 9, rather exhausted to say the least!  We are excited to be back home to see family and friends, but not a fan of this cold weather.  Hopefully the temperatures will improve by the middle of next week.  Our blood is used to the warm!!!!!

Again, we feel so thankful in so many areas!  

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