Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wednesday - Off and On Cloudy Day, but Warm!

I woke Ken around 1:45 AM to asked if we should take in our awning.  It was very windy and our bell was really ringing with the gusts of wind.  After evaluating the situation, we went out (fortunately it was very mild) and took all our decorations off the awning, put them away, brought the chairs inside, and then rolled in the awning.  It was 2:30 when we finally got back into bed, but we felt good that we didn't have to be concerned about a torn awning!

Ken was up to do his reading fairly early, but I only appeared at 7:45.  The last two days made me tired.  We slowly got ready for the day and ate breakfast before some "chores" began.  Ken worked outside wiping off the car (lots of leaves and seed pods), swept the carpet, cleaned off the table, and then washed all the sharks teeth we had found yesterday and there were lots!  I worked inside cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, organizing, etc.  We put my painted coconut fish back out front with a for sale sign, hoping that we sell them and not have to transport them back to PA.  I did sell one yesterday while we were gone!

I had gone over to see Ernie and Noela earlier and her ear is still closed after about 2 1/2 weeks.  She has persevered well, but now it is getting to her.  She really has not been able to hear well during this time.  So, she checked with her Canadian insurance and they were heading to a Millenium Care for some relief.  

Ken and I ate lunch outside and then he rested while I played on my tablet (I had planned to not do any games until we got home, but I needed a break) and then worked on this blog.  I did make an appointment with my Dr. in April to get a physical as well as get some advice on how to treat my scoliosis.  It really has limited some of my activity this year and I know it isn't going to get better unless I get pro-active.   I really dislike going to doctors and not looking forward to all that is involved to get some answers, but it is time!

We got organized for cooking dinner for Rick and Joyce and then sat outside until they arrived around 3:30.  We chatted for awhile and then walked to the shuffleboard courts for some intense, but fun games.  The women won 2 out of 3 - YES!!!

Back to Wilbur to make dinner - grilled chicken, salmon, and fillet and some roasted potatoes, quinoa, and salad.  It was a good dinner and clean-up was done quickly.  Then it was time for some serious double deck Pinochle.  The game was "nip and tuck" but the women were victorious, again!!!!  What a delightful, fun time with Rick and Joyce.

They left around 9:30 and it was off to bed for Ken and I.  It has been another day to celebrate!!!!

PS:  Noela did get some antibiotic ear drops and an antihistamine after they removed wax from both of her ears.  Hopefully she will be able to hear a lot better in the next few days!

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