Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday - Good-byes to Our Great Friends at Edgewater Church!

Ken had a very restless night (maybe a bit too much caffeine later in the day) so we both only got up at 7:30.  Got ready for church and were on our way around 9.  We met Eddie and Lori there, but also spent time going around giving hugs and saying our goodbyes to the many folks who have become our friends this winter.  We are going to miss them so much and the wonderful things we have done and learned by attending this fantastic church.  It has added so much meaning to our lives this winter!  It was the last sermon for the series entitled, "Struggles" and it has been an excellent one making us all aware of the amount of time we spend on our electronics and what the scriptures have to say about our so called "addiction"!  We found it a very helpful series!

After church there was more time sharing with friends before having breakfast at Denny's with Eddie and Lori.  We have been grateful that they share Sundays with us at Edgewater and then having more time together at breakfast.  We will look forward to seeing them back in PA.

Ken and I were back to the CG by 12:15 and we both did some prep work for our trip home.  Ken put air in Wilbur's tires and took everything off the awning before putting it away for the rest of our time here.  It is supposed to get windy tomorrow and then a storm on Tuesday evening, so it was good timing for that job.  I put all the decorative things inside in their proper place for traveling, so it is starting to look very "bare"!

I worked on this blog and Ken rested and then at 2 we went with Ernie and Noela to Punta Gorda to walk the 1 mile bridge over the Peace River to the waterfront.  It was a warm day, but what a nice cool breeze on the bridge.  We were hoping to see the stingrays that come in to mate around this time of year.  We saw a couple thousand there last year, but today we didn't see any!  We did get to enjoy the very colorful lizards when we started the walk.

Wow, what amazing colors!

The bridge is 3 lanes on both sides with pedestrian walkways.
The bridges north and south are separated, so you have to
go under the bridges when you get to the end of both sides!

Beautiful, sparkling water!

Just about to the end of the bridge and entering Punta Gorda!

Lots of sailboats were on the water today!

When we were at the waterfront we walked to the ice cream shop for some delicious homemade ice cream - what a treat!!!!!  We walked back to the CRV on the other side of the bridge and saw more of the multi-colored lizards!  We had to go under the bridge by way of some rocks to get back to the car.  

Enjoying our ice cream while checking out the boats
and yachts at the marina!

On our way back to the car on the other side
of the bridge!

These 2 photos show "campgrounds" for the boaters.
They can tie up to the buoys for the night!

This doesn't look very safe to me!

Hopefully you don't have to float over any huge
wakes from other boats!

Saw this lizard on the way back and it is a
different one!

At the end of the bridge we went down the rocks
to go under the bridge to get to our car on
the other side!

No problem!!! I'm coming!

It was a gorgeous day for a walk across
the Peace River!

The 4 of us stopped at Wal-Mart on the way back, arriving at the CG at 5:45.  Ken did more work outside, including checking the air pressure on the CRV's tires and loading and reorganizing the bins in the basement of Wilbur while I made salads for dinner and washed dishes.  After dinner we congratulated ourselves on all we had accomplished today and then talked to Rick to plan a get together for tomorrow, probably the last time we will be together before we go back to PA.  Then over to Ernie and Noela's for 2 games of Skip-Bo and we each won one!  Ken and I were tired and returned to Wilbur by 9, showered, got things ready for our time with Rick and Joyce tomorrow, and were in bed around 10.  

Another great day in Paradise!

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