Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday - Church, Time with Cali, and Then to the Wedding of My Sister's Granddaughter!

Ken and I must have been tired because we only woke at 7:30 and had to keep moving to leave for church on time.  It was just starting to snow when we left our apartment.  What is that about????  It is Spring!!!!!  We were excited to sit with Jamie and Dane and then spend time chatting with Bria and Cali after the service.  We had hoped to go to breakfast with Lloyd and Deb, but they were not there this morning.   It was snowing steadily when we left church.

Ken and I decided to go out to breakfast to have time to relax and chat before going to Jamie's to pick up Cali.  Bria is swimming again today at York, so Cali came home with us so she could go to Alexandra's wedding.  The swim meet was not over until 5:00, so Dane, Jamie and Bria planned to come to the reception.

PawPaw, Cali and I played 3 games of Racko and had a lot of fun.  PawPaw decided he needed to rest, so Cali and I played War, Fish, and Crazy 8"s before we left for the wedding at 2:30.  We went to mom's room and dad was there too!  It was wonderful to see them after being gone for about 3 months.  They looked so healthy.  It had stopped snowing and the sun was out, so Ken walked with Dad (he was on his electric wheelchair) to the church on the property of Masonic Village.  Alexandra and Todd had decided to get married there so mom and dad could be part of her wedding day.  

It was a very nice ceremony and Cali was happy to sit with her cousins, Sam and Katelyn. Ken and I were thrilled to see Lanie and her family. 

Waiting for the ceremony to begin!

Alexandra and Tood exchanging vows!

Here is Mrs. Alexandra Wagner!

The happy cousins!

My parents with their great granddaughter!

Hard to imagine that Mom is 88 and Dad will be 94 in
a few weeks!

 After picture taking, Cali went with Lanie's family to the reception while Ken walked back with Dad to his room and I drove mom to that parking area.  The van picked up Dad in his wheelchair and then Ken, Mom and I followed them to the reception, arriving there around 5:45.  All of us had time to visit while having hordeorves.  MaMaw played Old Maids with the girls.

MaMaw playing Old Maids with her great granddaughters!

Jamie, Dane, and Bria joined the group around 6:15 as we were heading into the reception area.  Our family had such a fun time!  The little ones made cards for Alexandra and Todd and then they enjoyed doing some dancing.  My parents had a fun time too and I know they were so happy to be a part of the celebration and spend time with family.

My sister and her husband, John.  The proud grandparents!

Todd is in the Air Force stationed in
Virginia Beach!

The girls gave the wedding cards they made to their 2nd cousin!

Our daughters, Lanie and Jamie, and Jamie's
daughters, Bria, and Cali!

And now we added Lanie's girls, Samantha
and Katelyn!

What a crazy group!

Alexandra with her grandparents!

My mother and dad!

Of course, Cindy and I had to get in on the photo!

Lanie, Bob, and girls!

The girls enjoyed dancing, but Samantha
is in a class all her own - I think it is
interpretive dancing!

Cindy and the girls decided to dance with the group!

Jamie didn't want to be left out!!!

Mom and Dad with their great granddaughters!

The van came to pick up Dad at 8:30 and Mom decided she was getting tired and drove back with him.  Ken and I were home by 9:30 and went right to bed.  It was a fantastic day, but we were ready to rest!!!!

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