Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thursday - A Work Day at Wilbur!

Ken left the CG at 6:15 and drove to Men's Bible Study at Edgewater.  I decided to get up at 6:30 and since it was the 1st day of March hopefully begin a new "regiment" until we head back to PA.  So, I did my stretches and by 7 I was riding my bike around the CG.  I did 5 miles at about 10 to 11 mph and it felt good.  It was a beautiful morning with temperatures already in the low 70's.

When I got back, Ken was returning from church and we had breakfast.  He left again at 8:45 to help set-up for tomorrow's Food Bank.  I went to see Neil and Nancy and say good-bye one more time because they were leaving this morning to go to 3 Flags CG near The Villages.  All of us were extremely busy during the 9 days they were here and really didn't get to do anything together except visit occasionally in the CG.  Then I stopped in with Ernie and Noela to chat and compare our schedules for the next several days.  

Back to Wilbur to vacuum and scrub the floors, not my favorite jobs!  I was just getting set-up to do some sea glass pictures when Ken returned from the Food Bank and a shopping trip to Wal-Mart.  We had lunch and then I started working on my pictures.  I was able to complete 5 before cleaning up.

We got a call from Deb Eberly, friends from our life group back home, that have a place in Venice.  Her husband, Lloyd, has been going through some health challenges and the Dr. cleared them on Monday evening to head to Florida for 1 week before he starts some treatments back home.  They arrived at Punta Gorda airport in Florida on Tuesday evening - Wow!  So, they had called to ask if we would join them and Rick and Joyce for dinner at Dockside Grill in Venice at 5:30.  No hesitation on our part.  We were so excited to see all of them.  Rick and Joyce had just returned on Wednesday from a week trip to Las Vegas.

On our way to dinner, Ken and I stopped at Detweilers Market for fruit and veggies, meeting the group at Dockside at 5:30.  We had such a delightful time together and so thrilled to see how well Lloyd and Deb were doing.

Nice place to eat at the base of the main bridge into downtown

What a great looking group!!!

After dinner, we all went to Rick and Joyce's to have more time to visit.  Ken and I were back to Wilbur by 9:30 and it was right to bed for this tired couple.  It was another special day! 

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