Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday - A Busy Day at the CG and Then to Sweet Tomato for Lupper!

I had trouble falling asleep last night so only got up at 8.  Ken had already done his reading and had left for a walk with Ernie!  When he returned, we went to the laundry to put in 3 loads of wash.  Amazing how much laundry accumulates when you don't do it for 2 weeks!

Ken spent a lot of time working outside loading things in the CRV after he had vacuumed the inside.  Can't believe our time in Florida is ending in a couple days!  I guess it is true that time goes quickly when you are having fun!  I was back with the clean clothes around 11:15 and I started to pack up our clothing and we placed it in the car, making it easier to unload when we get back to Lititz.    

Noela stopped be and we chatted over a cup of chia.  When she left, I did some dishes, flat ironed my hair, and then went over to their 5th wheel to do her hair.  I had offered to try to style it several weeks ago and it just never happened, so today was the day.  I blew it dry, flat ironed it, and then styled it with some "paste".  She was pleased with the results and I must admit, it did look fuller and less wavy!

At 1:15, the 4 of us left in their truck to go to Costco in Sarasota and then have a late lunch at Sweet Tomato, a place where the 4 of us love to eat when in Florida.  After a great lunch, we headed back to the CG, but there was lots of heavy rain during that drive with lightning and thunder.  It had become a drizzle when we were back to Harbor Lakes.  

I worked on this blog while Ken took a little rest.  Then at 6:30 we went to Ernie and Noela's to play games.  None of us needed dinner after all we ate at Sweet Tomato!  It was a fun evening!

My mom did call today because she was worried we may get caught in the snow storm that is up north starting today.  We plan to leave early Thursday morning and hope that by then it will have warmed up enough to clear the roads.  If not, we will take 3 days instead of 2 to get back to Lititz!  Cindy and John left North Carolina yesterday, a few days early, and arrived home late that evening.  They said it was cold and rainy when they left!

Also an update on getting my father to the reception for his great granddaughter's wedding.  We have a driver who will take him there and pick him up in his wheelchair so he can be part of the festivities.  We are so happy that it could be worked out!  It will probably be the only great grandchild he will see get married!

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