Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday - Fun Time with Fred and Doloris!

As per usual, Ken was up before me and did his devotions.  I started getting ready at 6:15 and did my stretches.  We watched the 1st 10 minutes of the morning news , had breakfast and got loaded the car with things we would need for our day of adventure with Fred and Doloris!

We left the CG at 8:15 and headed to downtown Venice to met them at the Upper Crust.  Ernie and Noela also joined us for one of those delicious scones!  The 6 of us had a good time chatting and just spending time together. 

What a decision?  So many delicious looking pastries!

The scones are made fresh all day.  Ken and I enjoyed
a raspberry one with Devonshire Cream - Yum!

Enjoying our treats!

Fred and Doloris shared a delicious looking pumpkin square!

Ernie and Noela had plans for the day, so they left around 10 and the 4 of us got on our bikes and started the ride on the Venetian Waterway Trail.  It was a gorgeous day for biking with lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 70's, and low humidity.  It is such a beautiful ride along the Intercoastal Waterway.  We did stop to feed the Florida Scrub Jays but it took awhile for them to show up!  One came to get a peanut from me and then another came to get one from Doloris.  

What a view for riding!

Florida Scrub Jay

They love peanuts, but instead of eating them right away, they
bury them!

They are so tame!

No success in trying to get them to come back!

The end of the trail is at Casperson Beach where we did a little walking before getting back on our bikes -

Such gorgeous water!

This beach has experienced a lot of erosion the last
several years!

Another section of the bike trail!

We got back to downtown Venice around 12:15, loaded the bikes, and then we drove to Manasota Beach for the great shark's tooth hunt and it was so much fun!  We all found so many but Doloris was the winner with the largest one found today!  All of us had a hard time leaving the beach because everytime we moved just a little, we found more teeth. 

The shark tooth that Doloris found in relation to a quarter!
What a find!!!

We were back to the parking lot by 5 and after changing left for Farlows on the Water.  Fred and Doloris had never been there and because it is probably our favorite place to eat in this area, we thought we should take them there.  Everyone was thrilled with their meal and they enjoyed the setting.

Eating outside at Farlow's on the Water!

We said our good-byes around 7:30 because they are heading back to PA on Friday and we will not have the opportunity to see them again here in Florida!  It was a special adventure today with very special friends!

Ken and I came back to the CG, showered, and then we watched The Voice while I worked on the blog and Ken did some "checking" on his I-Pad.  I downloaded some photos and by then it was 9:15.  Time to think about going to bed.  Today and yesterday have been busy ones and all that riding and "combing" the beach has my back and hip unhappy but we wouldn't change a thing.  These days have been so special! 

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  1. Thanks for spending the day with us and sharing your special places to go. We had a GREAT day! Wish we could have had another day to beach it and go shark tooth hunting! LOVED it ��