Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday - Cold Morning But Then Mild!

Ken was up around 6:15 but I only arose in time for the Morning News.  After doing my stretches ( I am finally back to doing them) I showered and we had a light breakfast!  It really is time for some better eating and diets to begin!

Ken did a lot of work at his desk and on the computer while I went through all my shell pieces, only saving a small amount that I thought could be used for making jewelry, just in case I decide to make more (I don't think so!)  Around 11, we left to go to Costco because our freezer and cupboards are rather bare.  By 1:15 we were back home and after putting everything in its proper place, we ate lunch.

I spent all afternoon cleaning out cupboards, cabinets, etc. getting rid of unnecessary items and rearranging.  I think I covered every nook and cranny in the dining area, kitchen, and LR.  It felt good, but it was also rather tiring.  Ken carved the chicken we bought at Costco, shoveled the balcony and was able to put our bikes in the storage shed outback.  The shed is hardly large enough so it takes a bit of work to get the bikes and bike rack in there.

Ken made salads for dinner while I worked on my blog and downloaded photos.  I had gotten behind the last several days.  We watched the evening news while enjoying our dinner and then I had a chat with Doloris.  We hope to see them this Friday evening at 10,000 Villages where The Chestnuts, a musical group composed of friends from our high school class, will be playing.  I did some additional work on the blog before sorting through some more items that needed to be "thinned out"!  How do we accumulate so much????  I must admit that a lot of it is my craft "stuff".  Somehow I have a hard time getting rid of things that allow me to be creative!

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