Friday, March 30, 2018

Thursday and Friday - Beautiful Day Followed by Another Rainy, Damp One!

Ken left at 7:15 to stop by Jamie's to drop off our recyclables and to visit with everyone before the girls left for school.  He met Gary for breakfast at 8, so it was a short visit with Jamie's family.

I got ready for the day and then had a 1/2 hour phone chat with Noela, who is still in Florida.  They will be leaving tomorrow morning to head back to Canada, but will make several stops along the way.  We had a very nice conversation and will look forward to seeing each other this summer (hopefully) or definitely next winter in Florida!  We are both having fun painting on rocks, so we sent some pictures to each other of our "masterpieces"!

Ken and I had planned to pick up Sam and Katelyn today and have them here until Saturday, but after talking to Lanie, that is not happening. Both of them are not feeling well so hopefully they will improve in the next 24 hours and we can get them tomorrow.  Today is Bob's birthday Lanie and Bob had plans for a movie and dinner today and then going out with friends tomorrow night.  So much for best laid plans!

I left to have some blood taken for some blood testing (just a check-up) and came back to eat breakfast - 24 hours of fasting makes one hungry!  I finished a load of wash and then spent some time on the computer and painting more rocks.  

Because Ken and I had a change of plans for today and now had some free time, we decided to go for a walk.  I thought it was time for me to try my Scoliosis Activity Suit again, so I put it on and off we went.  I must say it went well on the 1/2 hour walk.  It was a beautiful afternoon with temperatures near 70 and sunny, a very nice change!

It was time for more painting when I returned and then we worked together to make dinner.  Ken grilled and we ate dinner watching the Evening News.  I went through some cooking magazines so I could save a few recipes and throw away the rest while watching Grey's Anatomy.  Ken was in the office reading and listening to some videos.  I cleaned up my office space and by 9:30 went to bed.  

Sad that we didn't get to have Sam and Katelyn here and give Lanie and Bob some quality time together.  Hopefully we will get them tomorrow!

Today, Friday, was another very cloudy day with off and on rain and showers.  It was mild in the morning but got cooler as the day progressed.  We were both up by 5:20 and I got ready to meet my Curvette ladies for breakfast - they need to come up with a more reasonable time to meet, after all, we are retired!

I left at 6:30 and Ken was doing some studying for his breakfast with his mentor at 8 today.  I had a fun time with my special friends and was so happy to see them again - 1st time since December.  When I left I had a message from Lanie that Sam was still not feeling well and had a fever.  So, looks like we will not be having them here this weekend.  I talked to Lanie and she and Sam were on their way to the Dr.  I decided to head to AC Moore and Michael's to get some craft kits for the girls for Easter and some Mod Podge to paint on my rocks as a sealant.  

On the way home I got a call from Lanie that Sam does not have strep but a flu/virus, so no medicine was prescribed. She has a fever of about 101, so she will be "laying low" today!   I realized how stressed Lanie was feeling and suggested that we celebrate Easter next weekend.  Lanie was hosting it on Sunday, but with 2 sick gals, she does not need that extra pressure.  So, I called Jamie and we are going to celebrate Easter and birthdays (Bria, Cali, Bob, and Katelyn) next Saturday.  That will work well for everyone.  

I was home by 11 and Ken was back close to the same time.  He had stopped to visit a high school friend who is paralyzed from a fall about 2 years ago.  Unfortunately there has been little improvement for Chris!  We chatted for a while and then we both did some reading and I worked on this blog.  At 1, Ken left to see the movie, "Paul, An Apostle of Christ"!  I decided to stay home and "catch-up" on somethings here!  After posting our expenses in our budget program (somehow we keep spending money!) I went on Pinterest and printed out some ideas for stamping cards.  Then I used Modge Podge to seal the rocks I had painted and it worked so well - no running of the paint or the markers!

Thought I should share some of
my "creations"!  This is before
the shiny Modge Podge Coat!

We left at 5 to stop by Sharp Shopper, pick-up sandwiches at Subway, and go to Wilbur to get a few items we had forgotten to take out.  We met Sam, Kathy, Fred, and Doloris at 10,000 Villages to spend 2 1/2 hours listening to The Chestnuts, a musical group comprised of 2 members who played football with Ken in High School.  What a fun evening with friends and great music too!  It is the last time 10,000 Villages will be having Friday night music and their Cafe had closed weeks ago (that is why we could bring in food and drinks!).  We probably went there about 5 or 6 times a year and we will miss having that opportunity.

So good to spend an evening with Kathy, Sam, Doloris, and Fred!

Introducing The Chestnuts!  The 2 on the right, Steve and Tom
graduated with us and played football with Ken!

Ken and I were back home by 9:15 and enjoyed hot tea while playing 2 rounds of Hand and Foot, which I am winning.  We will finish the rest of the game another night.

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