Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday - A Fun Day but Miserable Weather!

Saturday morning we were all up and about by 7.  I think the girls woke earlier, but at home they can't come out of their rooms till 7, so that is what they do here too!

We allowed them to watch a movie while we got ready and then it was time for a pancake breakfast and fresh fruit.  Katelyn loves whipped cream, so she asked for strawberries, syrup and whipped cream on her pancakes!  PawPaw also loves whipped cream, so they enjoyed just squirting it in their mouths over the weekend!  Samantha is not a fan of the "delicacy"!

We played several games of Uno throughout the day and I started them on their sewing project.  They did well, but it is a difficult concept to understand and always having the stitches going the same direction can be a challenge.  

Katelyn did well following directions!

Samantha did well working on her own
after some instruction!

It really rained a lot of the morning and continued to be cloudy, damp, cool and overcast most of the day - not great outdoor weather.  They always like to walk to the park and then go to the candy store downtown, but that certainly wasn't happening today.  We did give them time to play on our I-Pads, alternating between games of Uno, which Katelyn would play all day long!  Games are not a favorite of Samantha!

Ken was gone for hie Step Study from 2:30 to 5:30 so Katelyn and I made a small purse out of paper and had a great time.  Samantha wasn't interested in doing the project, so she did more sewing.

Ken brought pizza for dinner from the girls favorite shop in downtown Lititz and picked up Frosty's for dessert.  The 4 of us spent the evening watching Charlotte's Web, a book I never read nor I had ever seen the movie.  Ken and I really enjoyed watching it with the girls.

I went to bed around 9 and Ken sat up with the girls for about 20 minutes so they could "calm down" before going to bed.  I think they went to sleep as soon as they "hit their heads hit their pillows"!  It certainly was a fun day with Samantha and Katelyn and they did so well considering that we weren't able to be outdoors!

Dane had a triathlon at Mt. Gretna today (horrible weather and so muddy there) and came in 5th overall.  Congratulations to Dane and for Jamie, Bria and Cali for supporting him as spectators!

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