Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday - Another Dreary but Mild Day! We Need Sunshine!!!

I was actually up before Ken this morning and he never even heard me get out of bed.  He was up and about before I left at 6:25 to meet the Curvette ladies for breakfast.  Becky had a torn meniscus (knee) and had surgery yesterday, but joined us for breakfast.  What a trooper!  Doesn't really have pain and she didn't even need crutches - wow!  We had a fun breakfast and everyone was there but Deb who is in Florida for a few weeks with her hubby, Lloyd!

I left there around 8 and went to a scrapbooking sale where numerous folks can sell their items (like a group garage sale) at discounted prices and there was such a variety of products.  I had a good time but really didn't buy very much!  Yes, I was good!!

Ken had breakfast with his mentor and then tried to visit Chris, a member of our high school graduating class that he tries to see every month or so.  Unfortunately Chris wasn't home, but Ken did get to have a phone conversation with him later.

I did some reading, cleaned up around the apartment and then made 2 trips to Polly's to drop off some decorative scissors and took some painted rocks that she wanted to purchase for a great nephew (?) that was visiting.  

Ken and I decided to go for a walk but I wasn't able to go too far because of hip pain.  I did use a heating pad today, but I think between PT and the damp, dreary weather, my hip is not at a happy place!

Ken did some reading while I made several cards using one of the stamps I had purchased earlier today.  At 4 we left to go to Lanie's to pick up Samantha and Katelyn for the weekend.  We drove to Lancaster with them and enjoyed dinner at their choice, McDonald's.  Then Ken took us to AC Moore while he went to Costco to get a photo we had ordered to complete our framing of the National Parks we have visited.  I bought a few items for Samantha and Katelyn including plastic canvas kits for sewing.  They wanted to learn to do counted cross stitch, but I thought that would be too difficult as a starting project so on these pictures they only have to make 1/2 X's.  It proved to be a good decision.  They did well, but it is tricky for a 7 and 9 year old!

We stopped for Frosty's at Wendy's and were back home around 7:30.  We played Uno and by 9:00 we were all in bed.  Ken and I did some reading and the girls had a good time laughing and playing.  By 10 everyone was headed to "dreamland"!

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