Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday - Cloudy, but Again No Rain and They Had Predicted a Wash Out!

Ken was up early and spent most of his time sending out messages to friends and fellow CR buddies.  He sent one to Rick and Joyce who left PA around 2:30 AM for the return to their home in Venice, FL.  By 7 they were getting close to Richmond, VA - Wow!

Ken left at 8:10 to go to the 1st service at LCBC.  The service today dealt with addiction and Ken volunteered to talk to folks afterwards if they had any questions about Celebrate Recovery.  I decided to met him there at 10:30 to attend the 2nd service and he was going to be available again if anyone wanted to talk!  It was a great message with the story of a couple who attend CR and their journey to overcome drug and alcohol addictions and what a story it was.  What a positive message for those in the midst of the struggle!

I left after the service to get some groceries at Wal-Mart and we were both home around 1:15.  We decided to go out for our usual Sunday morning breakfast and then go to Costco for some items we will need for our camping adventure beginning on Thursday.

We only got home at 3:15, put everything in its proper place, Ken carved the chicken, and I made a pot of white bean chicken chili and red beet eggs.  It took a little while to get the kitchen back in order.  I did a little crocheting and then we played the last round of our Hand and Foot game and Ken beat me by 350 points - ridiculous!

Ken watched 60 Minutes while I worked on this blog.  He decided to go for a walk around 7:45 because there was no rain predicted!  I would have loved to go with him, but my back and hip just weren't cooperating today.  I worked on this blog, downloaded photos, and did some crocheting!  Then when he returned, we played some more rounds of Hand and Foot!  Only played 3 and he is ahead of me "by a lot"!  I just can't seem to win this game lately!

Looking forward to a family picnic at Jamie's starting at 1 tomorrow.  Looks like the weather should cooperate!

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