Friday, May 25, 2018

Thursday and Friday - Gorgeous Days!

Ken went for a long walk while I was at PT.  Megan, my therapist, was concerned that I was having pain in my shin at night, so decided to go a little easier on some of the stretches.  She is doing a great job, but I am sure I give her quite a challenge.  She works on backs and folks with scoliosis, but I don't believe many of her clients have this much of a curve.  She did give me 2 stretches to do when I go to bed to help relieve the tightness in my shin.

I did a load of wash while Ken worked at his desk and after a light lunch, we drove to Masonic Village to spend the afternoon playing Pinochle with Mom and Dad.  She is still having a battle with coughing and the Dr. told her that in 2016 it was discovered that she had some emphysema - who knew????  She is going to have a test to check on her high ital hernia that could also be causing some of her problem.  She doesn't feel badly, but it rather tired and run down!  Dad, the EverReady Bunny, is doing just fine!

We had a fun afternoon playing cards and all of the games were extremely close.  I think the men won 2 of the 3.  We left at 4:15 and headed back to Lititz.  We decided to walk downtown where they have a farmers market every Thursday in the park.  It is rather small and unfortunately not very exciting or well attended.  We did buy a container of black beans and rice to have with our dinner.

Ken grilled chicken and salmon and we had the rice (delicious) and salads we had made earlier in the day.  We both did some reading and I crocheted.  Both of us were tired and were in bed by 9.

Friday was another beautiful day with temperatures in the upper 80's.  Ken and I left at 8:15 to go to Samantha and Katelyn's school, 40 minutes away, to participate in Grandparents Day.  First we got to listen to their musical concert that is always so well done.  Their music teacher picks amazing songs and really gets the children to do such a great job.  It is very entertaining.

Katelyn is on the very end on the left in the light coral colored

There she is getting ready to sing!

So hard to tell, but Samantha is in about the middle of the top
row in the red dress!

Then it was time to go to each of their classrooms to meet their teachers and do some worksheets with them pertaining to Grandparents.  I went to Katelyn's class and Ken headed to Samantha's, switching after about 15 minutes.  Then the 4 of us went to see the display of the student's artwork, which is also amazing.  

Katelyn's leave picture....

and her clay starfish!

Samantha with her picture...

and the sunset with the palm trees
which she did because of PawPaw
and Grandma being in Florida!
All the students in the school painted rocks to emphasize their them of being kind and they are on display around the trees and flowerbeds at the school -

Thi is Samantha's....

.....and Katelyn's!  What a
great project for the school!

We left there at 11:45 and met Lanie at the local Subway for lunch.  Then a quick trip to Wal-Mart so we could be a toy for each of the girls.  By 1:10 we were back in Lititz, changed clothes, and got ready to introduce Rick and Joyce to Pickleball.

They got here at 2 and we headed to the courts.  They were anxious to learn to play the game and they really did a good job.  It can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning, especially the scoring, but they "caught on" quickly!  It was extremely hot and after playing a little over an hour, we were done!

Back to the apartment where we all took showers and by 5 we were on our way to K-ville to have dinner on their deck with 6 other folks we know from church.  It was the perfect night to be outdoors and the food was absolutely delicious!  We were there from 5:30 to almost 8:30, so obviously we had a great time!  We had to say our good-byes to Rick and Joyce for they are heading back to Venice, FL early Sunday morning.  We surely will miss them!  We were so thankful for all the time they spent with us this past week and look forward to seeing them in Florida from December to April.  Hopefully they will return to PA before December!

What a beautiful evening to eat outdoors with such great friends!

Ken and I went right to bed when we returned and did some reading.  It has certainly been a very busy week but oh so good!  We are celebrating Life!!!!

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