Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Monday Was Gorgeous and Sunny, But Tuesday Was Another Rainy, Cold and Damp Day!

Ken was up early to do his reading, but I stayed in bed until 6:45.  I had trouble falling asleep last night because of left leg "tinkling", so it was a short night!  After doing our morning routines and having breakfast, we left to meet Cindy and John to play pickleball at 9.  It was a beautiful, sunny morning with the temperature already in the 70's.

Pickleball went well for all of us although I definitely didn't play as well as I know I can which can be a bit frustrating.  We left the courts at 11 after playing many games.  It certainly was a fun time.

We showered and did a few things around the apartment until we left at 1:00 to meet Rick and Joyce at The Deck in Ephrata to eat lunch on their outside deck.  The food was delicious and we just had a great time eating and chatting.  Then we all went to Wilbur Chocolate so they could purchase some gifts to take back to Florida.  Of course, Ken and I had to buy a bag of their double coated dark chocolate malted milk balls - YUMMY!

Back to our apartment where we did more visiting and then played a game of double deck Pinochle on our balcony.  It was a very close game till the very end when Ken got double Kings around and the men of course won!  The 4 of us certainly enjoy playing that game.

We sent a message to our small group inviting them to join us at Fox Meadows, a ice cream shoppe at a local farm where they make their own ice cream using the milk from their cows.  You would not believe how busy that place gets.  We could hardly find a place to park.  Both couples got their sampler - 4 smaller scoops (but plenty!) of different varieties of their treats.  Ken and I had dark mint chocolate, raspberry, white chocolate raspberry swirl, and salted caramel pretzel - so good! Another fun day with Rick and Joyce!

Ken and I were home by 9:15 and I watched the end of The Voice.  It will be interesting to see who is the winner tomorrow evening!  We were in bed by 10 and did some reading.

Today, Tuesday, was another very rainy, cool day.  I had a 9:00 PT appointment that went well and got back home around 10.  I did some work on our blog before we left at 10:15 to deliver for Meals on Wheels.  It was "spritzing" a little when we started delivering, but was pouring by the end.  We delivered 17 meals today which is quite a large route, but it was fun chatting with the folks.

Back home by a little after noon so it was time for lunch.  I made several phone calls and then Ken rested while I did my devotions and worked on this blog.  Then I finally found some time to make some greeting cards and printed some additional ideas for painting rocks and creating different cards.  

Ken left at 6 for CR and after making my dinner I went back to my work space to continue crafting while watching the finals of The Voice.    I also got cards ready to send to several friends.  Hey, if I am going to make cards I should certainly take the time to send them - Dah!!!  Somehow that seems like the hard part!!!!!

Ken was home by 9 and we watched The Voice together in the LR.  I really didn't have a favorite so whoever won was fine with me!   I finished crocheting a baby afghan for Knots of Love while watching.  We were in bed by 11.

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