Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Monday and Tuesday - Good Weather Days!

We were both up at our "normal" times and did out typical morning routines.  We have recently starting enjoying some high protein oatmeal for breakfast and it is delicious when you add fresh berries!

Both of us left at 8:45, Ken for a walk and I went for the MRI of my back.  It was in the upper 50's with lots of sunshine.  Boy, those MRI's are certainly noisy.  They gave me a choice of music that I could listen to while in the open tunnel, but who are they kidding!  The loud beeping made it impossible to hear the music, except for about 30 seconds between each "session"!  It went well, but I wouldn't want to do it every week.  It did give me plenty of time for meditating, which was a good thing!

Ken and I returned home at the same time but I had to go back to the MRI Center because I had forgotten my watch - bummer!  Fortunately it is less than 10 minutes from the apartment.  When I returned, Ken had gotten ready to help me plant the flowers in the flower boxes on our balcony.  They are going to look pretty!

I called my mother to see how she was doing today because she was very sick yesterday!  They took some x-rays of her lungs and discovered she has pneumonia.  Fortunately they had started her on medication yesterday and by mid afternoon when I called again, she was improving.  They told her in 48 hours she would not be contagious and could be out of her room.  Hallelujah!

Ken and I left the apartment again at 11:15 - he went for a bike ride and I headed to ladies card club.  What a fun afternoon playing double deck pinochle, even though I won the prize for the lowest score.  Jackie and I had gone up for 65 during the 1st round and I had rather terrible hands the rest of the day!  Oh well, I may have lost but I was still the winner of $6.00.  Actually I only got $5.75, because I gave Jackie .25 for helping me to "win"!

I was back home by 4 and Ken had an enjoyable bike ride and then did a great job of organizing his office space.  He had an appointment with his foot Dr. at 5:15 to get some information on the pain he can get on the back of his heel after playing pickleball or riding bike.  His Dr. said it is tendinitis and he recommended some stretches he should do before and after those activities and some icing and heat when needed.   I am so happy Ken can play pickleball, because he is good at it and we have so much fun playing with John and Cindy and other friends!

We had a very light dinner and then played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot with a very close score.  We will finish the game tomorrow.

I watched The Voice while crocheting and Ken did more reading.  This is my least favorite year of watching the show, for I don't find many of the singers to be major "stand-outs"!  We were in bed by 10 to do some reading!

Today, Tuesday, it started out a bit cloudy but then it became a beautiful warm, sunny day.  We had our typical morning routine and by 9:30 we were on the pickleball court with Cindy and John.  I had called my mother on the way there and she is feeling much better.  The antibiotic is doing its job!

It was a perfect morning for pickleball and we played about 11 games, switching partners after each game.  Cindy and I played together the last game (we had lost the first 2 times we played together) and we won!  I believe the last game is always the most important and memorable!  We had such a fun time and every game was so close.  I guess all of us are pretty evenly matched!

All of us went to the Flower Wagon to get some annuals and Ken and I were back home by 1:15, hungry and ready for lunch.  It was great to eat on the balcony!  Ken offered to help me plant the "flat" of petunias I had bought to put around the lamppost in the front of our apartment building and I quickly took him up on the offer!  3 of the other folks living here came out to tell us how much they appreciate the colorful flowers.

I played some games on my tablet and then recorded our expenses on my computer budget program.  Then I had fun painting some inspiration rocks.  We both did some reading and then I had a nice phone conversation with Noela.  Their young granddaughter was in the hospital with a form of pneumonia but is now back home - hallelujah!  It was quite a concern for the family.

Ken left for CR at 6 (he decided to go there for dinner) and I continued my rock painting.  After dinner and watching the news, I spent the evening making some cards and watching The Voice and Rise.  Ken was home by 9:20 and we were in bed by 10:30.

It was a great day!

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