Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday - A Day of Accomplishments!

Ken was up about an hour before me and did his reading!  After my stretches and showering, we enjoyed another oatmeal breakfast.  Ken left at 8 for his volunteer work at MCC.  

After cleaning up the Kitchen and doing a little work in my office space, I went to Hartz Physical Therapy for my 1st session.  Megan, the gal I will be working with, was so kind and really wants to find a way to give me some pain relief.  Her speciality is backs and she is versed in scoliosis.  She did some stretching of my legs and hips, but mostly we talked about my concerns and where and when I experience pain or discomfort.  I will see her 2x a week for about 6 or 8 weeks and I have some stretches/exercises to do at home.

Upon arriving home, my 1st job was cleaning up my craft area and it was a job.  I sorted through a lot of my paper and found places for things that had gotten out of order!  Wow, it looked amazing when I finished several hours later.  Ken got home about the time I completed the task, so we had lunch.

We decided to take a walk and I discovered the route we usually take is almost 2 miles (I thought it was only 1), so I am doing better than I thought!  It was in the mid 80's with lots and lots of sunshine, just a positively gorgeous day!

When we got back I did some playing on my tablet and then starting cleaning the apartment.  I also had a nice conversation with Lanie and we are planning to visit them on Sunday.

Ken did most of the work making salads for dinner, but I did give him some help after I stopped dusting.  He did some reading for his Step Study and I did my devotions.  Somehow I didn't accomplish that earlier today.  

After dinner and the news, we played a game of Hand and Foot on our balcony/deck.  It was a very close game going into the last round, but somehow Ken won again!  Enough I say!

What a warm and beautiful evening for playing cards on our deck!

Not a bad view from our deck when you live in town!

I put some protective coats on my painted rocks and finished a card I had started last evening.  By 9:30 both of us were in bed feeling like it was a very productive day!

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  1. Been thinking about you...glad all is going well! Hope things with your back make some improvements. That must be awful to be in pain, especially while walking. Take care. Let us know if you are scheduled to be at Circle M or Hershey?