Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wednesday - A Fun Day with Cindy!

Ken was up early to do his readings before leaving at 8 for his volunteer work at MCC.  I left at 8:45 for my 2nd physical therapy appointment. It lasted about 45 minutes and I really enjoyed chatting with Megan appreciate the good job she does stretching my hip and leg.  I expect to have some discomfort after these sessions because my hip doesn't really like what she is trying to do - imagine that!!!!

I went for a few specials at Stauffer's of Kissel Hill, a local large store that offers groceries, meats, lots of fresh produce, plus has a huge garden center.  It is quite an amazing place.  Once back home, I spent some time writing notes to several friends and then walked to downtown Lititz to meet my sister for lunch and doing some shopping or "looking" in some of the local shops.  We had lunch at Tomato Pie on their outside patio area.  It was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the 70's and plenty of sunshine.  After a delicious lunch, we did some more walking in the downtown area, including sampling those yummy Wilbur Buds.  I really enjoy spending time with my sister because we can have serious talks or just laugh and be totally silly!  That is special!

By 4, my hip was starting to bother me and we were both ready to call it a day.  She dropped me off for I would have been really hurting if I walked the 3 blocks back to our apartment.

Ken had a good day at work, stopped for some fruits and veggies and after lunch went for a long walk here in Lititz.  He thought we might meet up when he was in the downtown area, but we didn't see each other.  He relaxed while I did some game playing on my tablet.  Ken left at 6 to go to a gathering in Lancaster and I spent the evening making cards and working on this blog.  I finished my devotions by the time Ken got home at 8:45.  

We chatted and by 10 we were in bed.  It has been a fun day!

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