Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday - A Fantastic Day!

The girls woke about 6 and did so much laughing and having a great time before coming out around 7.  Ken had gotten up earlier to do some reading.  I started getting ready around 6:30 so we could leave on time for church.

We packed up the girls things and Ken loaded the car.  Each of them brought 3 large stuffed animals for the weekend, plus clothing, games, etc.  Ken and I also got the apartment back "in shape" before I made pancakes for the girls. 

We left at 8:30 for LCBC where Cali met Samantha and Katelyn and went with them to the class where they would all be together.  We had a wonderful "sermon"/discussion with a Vietnamese gentleman whose family was rescued when they left Vietnam after the war by a boat manned by World Vision.  It was such an interesting and amazing story that he shared with the congregation.  The Ephrata branch of LCBC is partnering with World Vision to sponsor children in Bolivia, so today Ken and I had the opportunity to choose a little girl, Miramar, whom we will help financially in the coming years.

We met Bob at Wal-Mart around 10:30 and he took Samantha and Katelyn back home.  From there Ken and I met 7 members of our Life Group for breakfast at Evergreen because Rick and Joyce had arrived yesterday from Florida to visit for a week or so.  It was so great to see everyone!

What a special group!

Rick and Joyce came back to the house with us and after some time chatting and catching up on life, the 4 of us went to Bria and Cali's field hockey games from 3 to 4.  It was such a beautiful day to be outdoors and the girls did a great job.

The hockey field has artificial turf!  So nice!

Hot and red faced after an hour
of playing field hockey!

Rick and Joyce spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with us and we had such a wonderful time playing Hand and Foot (the men won) and then 2 games of double deck Pinochle in which the women "creamed" the men.  We just couldn't be stopped.  They left around 10:15 after a fantastic day with such special friends.  They are loving their move to Florida, but we certainly miss having them here in PA!

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