Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday - Off and On Sunny Day!

Ken was up before 6 and I "rolled out" around 6:45.  He had done his reading and sent messages to numerous friends and buddies!  I did my stretches and we watched the headlines of the Morning News.

Ken left at 8 for his volunteer work at MCC.  I showered and got ready for the day and then did some prep work in the kitchen for leaving tomorrow including getting the items in the freeze and frig organized for taking with us.  I also made salads for tonight and tomorrow night so that when we arrive at the CG they will be ready for dinner.  I packed up a few items and made a couple trips to Wilbur.

At 11:45 I left to go to Ephrata to meet my ladies card club at the Scratch Bakery for lunch which is right in the center of town.  I had not eaten there previously and it was very good and extremely reasonably priced.  There were 10 of us and we had a fun time.

Ken worked overtime today so we both arrived at the apartment at 2:00.  He ate lunch and then we did more loading and packing.  We are trying to not take more than is absolutely needed for this trip, but it still seems like there is so much "stuff" and so many trips required.   I did some work on this blog and my reading.

After dinner and watching the news, we made trips to Wilbur with refrigerator and freezer items plus a few last minutes items.  Ken vacuumed before we went to bed.  It was one very busy day with lots of trips in and out of the apartment.

We plan to get up very early to be on our way to VA.

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