Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wednesday and Thursday - More Rainy, Dreary Days!

Ken got his morning routine completed before I arose at 6:45.  I did my stretches and then we enjoyed some oatmeal for breakfast.  Ken left for his volunteer job at MCC and I did some reading and a load of wash.

I left at 11 to go to Wal-Mart for a few items, including spray paint for one of the black frames I had bought that needs to be brown!  From there I headed to Jamie's, and so did Ken, so we could both get haircuts.  We really appreciate that our daughter is a hair stylist and is willing to cut our hair.

Both of us went home for a late lunch and then Ken went for a walk.  I decided that I just wasn't up to walking especially on this damp, rainy day.  Ken did some reading while I separated my handmade jewelry to take to Mom tomorrow.  Some of the nurses are interested at seeing the pieces and hopefully making some purchases.  Then I worked on this blog and tried using Scrubbing Bubbles, which was recommended on the internet, for getting rid of the dirt in the depressions in linoleum.  It worked fairly well, but it still isn't as clean as I would like it to be.

Talked to my mother, and she still has a terrible cough.  The nurse practitioner and the nurses are telling her it can take about 3 or more weeks after you start taking antibiotics for pneumonia till you feel like yourself again.  Obviously, she wants to feel better NOW!

I made some cards for my mother for an order she had because she had trouble getting the lay-out to "work"!  Amongst the rain drops, Ken grilled us Mahi and steak for dinner.  After watching the news, I went back to my craft area to finish the cards (they were trickier than I anticipated) and then we played 3 rounds of Hand and Foot with Ken in the lead.

After doing some reading in bed, it was lights out!

Today, Thursday, Ken was up very early to do his reading and I woke at my normal time - 6:45.  Ken decided to go for a walk as it was cloudy but not raining at the moment.  They are predicting heavy rain later today and tomorrow.  I did my6 stretches, ate a light breakfast, and got ready to go to PT.

I was there from 9 to 9:45 and each time they have me do some additional exercises.  The therapist did a great job of "stretching" my leg.  Ken was busy vacuuming when I got home.  I sat on a heating pad while I did my devotions.  

After lunch, we drove to Masonic Homes for an afternoon of card playing with Mom and Dad.  She was feeling better today and enjoyed playing Pinochle even if the men won 2 of the 3 games!  Her cough is still lingering, but fortunately she appears to be getting stronger each day!

We made salads when we got home and ate them while watching the news. Ken and I played 3 rounds of Hand and Foot and he won again.  What is going on???  I just can't seem to beat him!!! I put some finishing coats on my rocks while watching Grey's Anatomy.  It was a good day, even though it was still dreary, cloudy, and there were occasional raindrops.

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