Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday - Crazy Weather Day!

It was rather warm when we got up and it got into the upper 80's with high humidity as the day progressed.  We made omelettes for breakfast and by 9:00 I was at physical therapy.  My back was fairly uncomfortable on Sunday and Monday and I decided to attribute that to the damp, rainy weather.  

The added more exercises to my routine today and it went well.  Ken was waiting for me outside when I got back home and we headed right to the pickleball courts to meet Cindy and John at 10:15.  It was a gorgeous morning to play and we had a good time.  I am not sure if pickleball is a good thing to do right after physical therapy, because I was sort of hurting today.  We played many games and had a fun time, but by the time we stopped, I was ready for a rest!

Ken and I headed back home for lunch and then I rested for a little after using a heating pad!  I did some more work on the picture framing with Ken's help.  By then it was getting very dark and ominous and the local TV station warned the area about severe storms and possibly a tornado!  It got extremely windy and dark, but fortunately, we just had heavy rain and strong winds with just a little lightning.   Ken had planned to grill for dinner, but that wasn't a possibility, so we just enjoyed our salads.

We left at 6:15 to attend Bria's school concert with the 5th grade boys and girls choruses and the 5th grade orchestra.  Bria had what they called a solo with 5 other girls that had tried out for the part.  She took it very seriously and did an amazing job!  

Because of having such a "light" dinner, Ken and I stopped at Wendy's for one of their 50 cent Frostys.  I watched the end of The Voice and then Rise.  In bed by 10:15 and hoping for a better back day tomorrow.

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