Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday - What a Terrible Weather Day!

It is supposed to be mid Spring but it certainly didn't seem that way today.  It was around 50 degrees when we left for church with a light drizzle and so damp!  It was down right raw!

We sat with Jamie, Dane, and his parents and enjoyed another great service at LCBC.   Had a nice visit with Bria and Cali before Ken and I left to do a little grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.  We decided to go home for breakfast and have some time to read the newspaper!  Ken was so tired because he had gotten up very early and we had only gone to bed after midnight.  So, he rested while I relaxed and then spent time framing some photos for Wilbur.

We worked together ordering pictures from Costco for the frames we recently bought for our LR.  Fortunately we had sorted through them about a week ago, so now it was just a matter of ordering the right photos in the correct size.  We even got an 11 x 14 to put in a frame of the aspens when they were at their peak near Durango!

As soon as we completed that task, we left to visit Mom and Dad at Masonic Village.  We planned to stop at a restaurant for my Mother's Day Meal, but we were running a bit late and the restaurants had folks waiting, so I got to enjoy a special meal at Wendy's that even included a Frosty - talk about living LARGE!

We got to Masonic at 6 and John and Cindy were there too!  Mom is still so tired and coughing a lot even though she is not contagious.  She has had this cough off and on since February and just can't seem to get rid of it.  Dad had 1 day that he didn't feel too great, but now he seems to be just fine!  He just keeps going like the Everready Bunny!  Hopefully Mom will be feeling better soon, for they are doing a great job of taking care of her!

The 6 of us played one game of Up the River which the men won.  By then mom was ready to rest, so we left there by 8:15 and came right home.  It was raining heavily when we left and rather miserable for driving.  Both of us were tired and headed right to bed to do some reading!

I certainly had a great Mother's Day Weekend!

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