Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday - A Celebration with Lanie and the Girls!

Ken was up early to do his morning routine but I only appeared around 7:15.  We both completed our morning "rituals", had breakfast, and at 10:15 Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn arrived to spend time with us.  

Lanie had to meet someone at our local Sheetz to purchase many pieces to her current dish set of which many have broken.  So, Ken, Samantha, Katelyn, and I walked to the park where Lanie met us.  The girls had so much fun feeding the ducks and enjoying the playground area.  Katelyn can now reach the bars on some of the equipment that she was not tall enough in the fall to do on her own - Wow!  They continued playing when Lanie arrived and then all of us went to Subway for lunch!

Samantha and Katelyn love the Lititz Springs Park!

They always want to have their photo taken in the back of
the park sitting on the lion!

Looks like the ducks needed a snooze!

Of course, no time spent in downtown Lititz would be complete without a stop at Wilbur for a sampling of those delicious Wilbur Buds.  The girls also picked out a treat that they could give Lanie tomorrow for Mother's Day!  From there we walked to the local "penny type" (but nothing is a penny anymore) candy store where they picked out a special treat.  We headed back to the park so they could play a little more before returning to the apartment around 2:45.  Amazing how cloudy it was when we left, but turned into a gorgeous sunny day when we returned.

PawPaw and the girls waited on the bench while Lanie and I
took a quick trip into the local thrift store!  We didn't buy
a single thing!!!

We love spending time with
these 2 special gals!

Ken left for his Step Study and I played Uno with the girls while Lanie went to Target to exchange an item she had purchased on the internet and was the wrong color.  I had fun playing with Samantha and Katelyn and they loved our card shuffler and the card holders we got in Florida!

They left around 3:30 after a very fun filled, special day.  I worked on this blog and then changed for our couples card club.  We went out to dinner and then played cards at the Kreiders.  What a special day!

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