Sunday, May 6, 2018

Saturday and Sunday - Fun Weekend!

Saturday was an okay weather day with temperatures a bit cooler and the sun was in and out till we had some late afternoon showers.  Ken and I made omelettes for breakfast, cleaned up and then got ready for the day.  He left at 9:15 to go to a rally in Lancaster for Jess King, who is running for the US Congress from PA.  Bernie Sanders, who is one of her supporters, delivered a speech at the rally that was attended by about 2,000 folks!

I left at 9:30 to go to Blue Ball to the Flower and Craft Warehouse for Scrapbooking Day.  They had some drawings and you could make some cards while checking out all their amazing supplies for papercrafting.  I spent about 2 1/2 hours and really enjoyed myself.  From there I stopped at a local greenhouse to get a few flowers for the 3 flowerboxes I put on the banister around our balcony.

Ken had gotten back around 1 and vacuumed the apartment, which is a chore that is really hard on my back.  I am very grateful that he almost always does it for us.  I spent some time at my desk trying out some of the products I bought earlier today.

Ken grilled salmon and steak for dinner after we had made salads to go with the meat!  After dinner we played a game of Hand and Foot and we were almost tie going into the final round, but he managed to beat me, AGAIN!  A little more creativity in my office while Ken did some reading.  Both in bed by 10:45 after watching some of the Penguins Ice Hockey Game.  Unfortunately they lost!

Today, Sunday, we both only got up at 7 and got ready to go to church.  We sat with Jamie and Dane during the great service ( an extremely good sermon) and then spent some time chatting with Bria and Cali.  It was also wonderful to see Lloyd and Deb at church today.  Lloyd is doing so well on his road to recovery!

Ken and I went right to Lanie and Bob's, but we did stop for a hot beverage on the way.  Bob and his partner won the Kubb tournament in NC this weekend but was back  home around 2:15 today.  Before he got home, we had fun talking with Samantha, Katelyn, and Lanie and seeing the girl's bedrooms.  (For some reason they are always excited for us tour their rooms!)  The 5 of us went to the local pizza shop to order a pizza to take back to the house and while we waited we did some shopping at the Dollar Tree.  Samantha and Katelyn had fun picking out a few items and I was able to get some potting soil.  

We ate the delicious pizza at their house and then played some Uno, one of Katelyn's favorite games.  Samantha tolerates it, but she really isn't a game player, just not her "thing"!  The girls were so excited to see Bob when he got home.  

Katelyn is all ready for the big race!

Katelyn had her 4th week of participating in Healthy Runs for Kids and today was the final run and "trophy" day!  They earn points each week based on the position they cross the finish line and she was determined to win again today in her age group so she could get the 1st place trophy.  She really is a great runner who just loves it and has such an easy stride.  She ran with 22 other kindergarten and 1st grade girls and won.  Actually her time was better than the boys in that age group.  The amazing part for me is that she really followed Bob's advice, which he offered to her after her 1st race 4 weeks ago.  He told her to not start too fast (hard for a 7 year old) and be in about 6th or so in the "pack" at the beginning of the race!  Then she should would wait until about the 2/3 mark of the race and start to go faster to get her close to the front, before really going full speed ahead.  It was fun to watch her follow that advice and she really did it well!  She was so excited to get that 1st place trophy and we enjoyed being there to witness the event!  Unfortunately it started to rain and was cool and breezy after her event and there were numerous races that followed hers before the trophies were presented.  All of us were rather cool and wet, but it really didn't matter!

Samantha picked a bouquet of
dandelion seed heads and the girls
had a good time blowing them.
Probably not good for their allergies!

Ready, Set, Go!  Katelyn is 5th from the left, behind the girl
in the pink leggings.  Notice she is not in the front of the line!

Coming to the finish line and her sister is cheering her on!

All the participants were given a
medal at the end of their race!

Then is was trophy time!

Katelyn was the very happy winner in
her age group!

Ken and I left from there for home and arrived around 5.  We had salads with leftover meat for dinner and then played a game of Hand and Foot which I won rather handily - YEAH!  I worked on this blog while Ken did some reading.

Tomorrow I go for my MRI and then to Ladies Card Club!

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