Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday, Memorial Day - Cloudy, Dreary Start to the Day!

Ken was up at his usual time to do his reading and studying.  I slept in until 7:20  - Wow!  He decided to go for an hour walk while I did some clean-up, read the paper, and did my devotions.  I also spent time on Pinterest getting more ideas for cardmaking and painting rocks.

When he returned we had a light breakfast, showered, and got ready for the day.  He worked at his desk while I cut-up lettuce, tomatoes, and onions to put on the hamburgers at Jamie's picnic.  I also made us salads for lunch.

I got a surprise phone call from Noela and we had a very nice chat.  They are on an almost 2 week camping trip visiting their children and 2 of Ernie's sisters.  I downloaded and printed the images I had gotten earlier today off Pinterest and then worked on this blog.  It was 12:15 and the sun still wasn't shining!  What is that about!

Did get a message from Rick and Joyce and they drove the entire way back to their home in Venice yesterday driving from 2:30 AM to about 9 PM.  That is a lot of driving, but I am sure they are so glad to be back home!  They need to rest after such a busy week here in PA!

Ken and I left at 12:45 to go to Jamie's for the family picnic!  Jamie's family only got home from Rehobeth Beach at 11 AM, Dane mowed, and Jamie got ready for our picnic - unbelievable, for they were relaxed and ready when we got there.  

The day was overcast and a bit cool (sweatshirts felt good most of the time) but we spent the entire day outdoors.    No games for the family today, just lots of talking and sharing.  I spent most of the time crocheting while listening and adding my "2 cents" every once in a while.

Memorial Day just wouldn't be complete without their red,
white and blue tattoos!

I guess make-up goes with tattoos also!

Sampson enjoys being with the "boys"!

The girls all made an appearance after Bria did their make-up!

With their eyes closed, you can appreciate her make-up job!

The adults were having a good time just relaxing and sharing!
Our granddaughters spent over an hour kayaking in the creek behind their house and had so much fun.

Not many folks have such a great setting off their backyard
when they live in town!

Jamie had purchased the hamburgers and the "firecrackers" (jalapenos stuffed with hot sausage, cheese, and then wrapped in bacon) at a local butcher shop and they were delicious.  Ken and I left around 8, watched a little TV and were in bed by 9 to do some reading.

These firecrackers were very good and not too hot!

The girls enjoy having their own table!

The adults enjoy their time together too!

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