Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Cold Morning, but Beautiful Day!

Ken was up early to do some reading and watch the news.  I got up around 7.  We ate a light breakfast ad got ready to go to pickleball.  It was only 41 degrees so we weren't in a big hurry to get there.  We left Wilbur at 8:30 and were the 1st players on the court. I guess other folks were happy to stay under the warm covers!

Slowly people showed up and the games began.  Both Ken and I were very happy with our playing today and had such a good time.  We played until 10:30 and then stopped by Ernie and Noela's to make plans for the rest of the day!  

Back to Wilbur to shower, change, and call Cindy. We had a nice chat. John and she are definitely enjoying their time at Victoria Palms in Texas.  John has started playing a lot of pickleball and is having a great time.

Ken and I picked up Ernie and Noela at 12:15 and we drove about an hour to Costco at Sarasota.  We purchased a few groceries and then arrived at Sweet Tomatoes at 2 for their Senior Citizen Special - lunch plus hot and cold drinks for $7.99.  What a deal!!!  They had 7 kinds of homemade soups that were all delicious, plus their huge salad bar, baked potatoes, pasta, homemade muffins, and scrumptious desserts including soft ice cream.  What a feast!

We were back to Wilbur by 4:00, put everything away, and by 4:30 numerous women from the CG came to check out my jewelry and sea glass pictures.  Jeff and Carol from New Hampshire also came by to visit and make some purchases.  It was a special time and I was thrilled at the number of purchases made!

Ken set-up outside again (the wind had lessened) and then he watched the news.  I sprayed some palm branches and coconuts for my coconut fish. At 7:30 we went over to Ernie and Noela's for game night!  We played 5 Crowns and the women were victorious!  It was fun to play a different game!

To bed by 9:45.  Looking forward to spending tomorrow on Pine Island riding bike with Rick and Joyce!  

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