Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Another Day Spent Mostly at the CG!

 Ken was up at 6:30 and decided to go to Blind Pass to see what he might find on the beach following last night's storm! I wanted to go but because of my pulled muscle I knew I couldn't spend a lot of time bending down looking for treasures.  So, I went back to sleep.

When I got up I decided to start mixing a double batch of bran muffins. Ken and I had planned to play pickleball when he returned, so I only did part of the mixing because I knew I could only bake them after we played.

Ken was back to the CG by 8:45 and had passed numerous utility trucks, police, and news vans in the area of Englewood.  It appears that the storm last night had damaging winds and lots and lots of rain.  After eating a light snack, we both headed to the pickleball courts.  Not one of my better days but I was thankful that I was able to play.  The pulled muscle is sore, but doable!  

I returned at 11 and continue mixing my muffins.  Ken finished the mixing process when he returned.  It took until 12:45 to finish baking the muffins but we should have enough until we return to PA.  Ken did some additional clean-up outside and washed the "treasures" he found this morning.  He found 2 exceptional sharks teeth, not huge, but larger than we normally find.  After cleaning up the kitchen it was time for lunch.

Then we had a project!  One of our lower large drawers came of the track and it needed to be reconnected in the back.  Not an easy place to gain access, but Ken did a great job and got everything back together and working just fine!

He was gone from 3:00 to 5 for a yoga class at Edgewater Church.  I spent that time setting a new record in Pop Words and dusting and scouring Wilbur.  Also had a ice conversation with Doloris back home and they had about 10 inches of snow and lots of wind.  I prefer sun and warm!!!!

Ernie and Noela stopped around 5:30 and we visited and shared about our day. After dinner, we went over to their site to play games.  The men won Skip-Bo but not easily.  Still, it was a win!!!!  Back to Wilbut by 9:15.

Tomorrow morning Ken and I have to be at Bay Indies in Venice at 8:30 for the pickleball tournament.  I hope my back muscle feels a bit better by then!

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