Monday, March 13, 2017

A Shopping Day!

After a better night's sleep (I guess the pulled muscle is improving!) Ken left for pickleball at 8:15. Much to my disappointment, I decided I had better wait at least 1 more day before trying to play.  So I showered, made a light breakfast, cleaned up, and then picked up Noela at 9:30 to do some shopping.

We headed towards Punta Gorda to Beall's Outlet to see what "treasures" we might find.  The stores were "crazy busy" because it was senior day (and you can imagine how many of us there are here in Florida!) and you get 15% off.  I think all the ladies were out and about today!  We also made a stop at Michaels and Wal-Mart for some paint for our coconut fish.  Since we hadn't had lunch, I suggested that Noela try an Auntie Anne's soft pretzel - what a treat for her!

We only got back to the CG at 3:15 but it was a very successful trip (except I didn't find a bathing suit!).  Ken enjoyed his pickleball, reading, doing some business "stuff", catching up on phone calls, and getting a haircut here in the park.

Around 4:00 the 4 of us went to the shuffleboard courts and played 2 games. Unfortunately the 2 ladies could nothing right except get on the 10 off.  It was ugly!!!

Ken and I made leftovers for dinner and he left at 6:30 to go to Celebrate Recovery.  Eddie Paparo from back home met him there.  I spent the evening at Ernie and Noela's where the ladies enjoyed painting a coconut fish.  We had a good time painting and watching The Voice.  It rained a lot from about 7 to 10 and got rather windy during the night.  This area is so dry so the rain was a good thing!

We were in bed by 10:30 after another great day (except for the shuffleboard!)!

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