Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Great Day in Warm, Sunny Florida!

Ken and I met Eddie and Lori at Edgewater UM Church at 9:15.  It was another wonderful, thought provoking service.  The 4 of us agree that we really enjoy this church and the hospitality of its members.  We have found our church home when we are in Florida and will definitely miss its people and the great sermons of Pastor Dan!

After church, the 4 of us went to Denny's for breakfast and fellowship.  We have enjoyed getting to know Eddie and Lori better during our time here in Florida.

Ken and I headed back to the CG and stopped at the laundry to put in 3 loads, hopefully the last time we will do wash until we return home.  Ken went to a local car wash and did a though cleaning of the CRV while I finished the wash.  

Ken did some organizing of the inside of the CRV and I started painting coconut fish, again!  At 5 we drove to the North Jetty of Nokomis Beach to enjoy a beautiful sunset.  We had taken salads, fruit, etc. with us and enjoyed eating it on chairs right along the jetty.  We saw lots of boats, birds, and even dolphins!

Perfect place to sit and watch the boats and the dolphins!

What a beautiful sight!

That is Venice in the distance!

The little boy doesn't seem to mind that these birds are
almost attacking him!

We enjoyed watching the pelicans dive for fish and then
the seagulls would try to get the "catch" from him.  We never
saw seagulls sit on their backs.  Rather comical!

I walked the beach for a short time and then we went to the water's edge to enjoy the gorgeous sunset.  It was a very nice evening!

Lots of fishermen on the jetty!

Waiting for the sunset!

Great picture, Ken!
Another day about to end!

A peaceful way to observe the sunset!

Of course, we had to stop at McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae before getting back to the CG around 9.  We visited with Ernie and Noela and discussed our plans for our final week here in Florida.  We want to go to the beach at least 2 times and tomorrow we will make our final trip to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. Ken and I also plan to play pickleball 3 more times.  It will be a busy week but fun!

Life is Good!


  1. Where are the pix of your coconut fish? I can hardly wait to see them your work in progress!!
    Your sis

  2. What great pics, Ken! It looks like a wonderful evening, actually seems a bit romantic?!?!! Perhaps bittersweet in that your time in Florida is soon ending. Fred & I will be happy to see you back in PA again!