Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pickleball Tournament Day!

Ken and I were up alittle after 6 and were on our way to the Pickleball Tournament at Bay Indies in Venice by 7:45.  It was only 49 degrees when we left, but I wore a  tennis skirt with the hopes of a warm-up.

There were lots of teams at this tournament from about 6 or 7 communities around the area.  There was a total of 83 games that had to be played so the games kept moving.  Ginette and I hadn't played together for the last couple weeks because she was on the west coast with her daughter and grandson and I was sick.  She is a very good player but neither of us did well the 1st 2 games.  She really did great the last 2 games and I did better also, so we lost 2 and won 2.  We really had a good time!

I guess we didn't win that point!!

Ken played with Jacques from our CG and they had really tough teams that they played against.  Matter of fact, 3 of the teams made it to the semi-finals.  They had a good time too, but unfortunately they didn't win any of their games.

They may have lost but what a bunch of happy guys!!!

After the tournament lunch was provided for all the players and what a delicious lunch it was.  It was catered by Rib City so we had ribs, grilled chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, cookies, chips, and a variety of drinks.  Amazing considering we each only paid $10.00 to be in the tournament.  Looking forward to doing it again next year!

Ken and I went to Detweilers Farm Market on our way back to the CG for some more delicious fruit, especially the strawberries from Plant City.  We were back by 3 and took time to set-up my jewelry and sea glass pictures inside Wilbur because several of the ladies mentioned today that they would like to come by tomorrow to make some purchases.

On the way to from the tournament I got to talk to all 4 of our granddaughters.  Because of all the snow and ice in PA, Jamie's girls, Bria and Cali, were home with a 2 hour delay.  Cali's 1st question to me, "Are you feeling better, Grandma!"  How sweet.  They were enjoying the snow and their time at home. Later I talked to Lanie and then Sam and Katelyn.  They were off school yesterday and today with about 6 more inches of snow than they had at Jamie's house and several hours of ice on top of the snow.  Lanie wasn't sure they will have school tomorrow.  Katelyn wanted to get back on the phone and ask me one more thing, "Grandma, are you all better?".  Warms my heart!  It was so nice to talk to all of them.  

Ernie and Noela stopped by to give us an update on their day.  They stayed at the CG because they are having a major repair on the roof of their 5th wheel because of a leak when it rains.  The RV repair people that are doing the job know what they are doing and definitely found the source of their problem.

Ken took a short nap after vacuuming.  I washed up the floors while he rested. At 7:30 we went to Ernie and Noela's to play games.  (Can't play in Wilbur since there are crafts everywhere!)  The men won Racko but the women had a great comeback to win UNO!  It was a fun evening.

Only got back to Wilbur at 10:15.  It is supposed to get down to 39 degrees tonight.  What is that about????  

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  1. Looking forward to someday playing pickleball with you two.