Sunday, March 12, 2017

Church, Breakfast at Denny's, Laundry, and Relaxing!

After a bit of a restless night with my pulled muscle, Ken and I were on our way to Edgewater Church a little after 9.  We met Eddie and Lori there.  It was another great service and thought provoking sermon.  The 4 of us went to Denny's for a delicious breakfast and then Ken and I stopped at Wal-Mart for a few items.  I got some cough medicine so I could hopefully stop the coughing and allow the pulled muscle to start healing.  After all, I have a pickleball tournament on Wednesday!

When we got to the CG we stopped at the Laundry and put in 3 loads of wash - I think it got "ahead" of us.  We changed and then Ken went back to the laundry with me to help put the wet clothes in the dryer.  Then he returned to Wilbur to unload Ernie's truck of our bikes and all our coconuts and palm branches!

Then he returned to help me fold and carry the wash.  What a guy!  Once all the clean wash was in its place, Ken decided to make salads and clean up the kitchen area.  I decided I needed to take a short nap while he worked on the computer.

After about an hour's rest, Ken took his turn resting while I did some work on the computer and got some veggies ready for dinner. Even though it was a beautiful warm, sunny day, we decided to stay around the CG and just enjoy taking it easy!  

Ken and I went outside and scrubbed the coconuts we had picked up yesterday and I trimmed the palm branches for their tails.  I sauteed lots of fresh veggies outside while Ken grilled salmon and a pork chop for me.  It was a beautiful, warm evening and we really enjoyed eating outside and watching 60 Minutes in the outdoors.  Having an extra hour of daylight was an added bonus.

At 8 we went over to Ernie and Noela's to play UNO and the women were the winners again!  YES!  In bed by 10.

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