Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Warm, Sunny and Beautiful!

Ken left for a 1 1/2 hour walk with Ernie at 7:20.  I decided to play pickleball for about an hour.  I was happy with my playing and had a great time!  Ken had a nice phone conversation with Lanie.  They are doing well, but poor Samantha continues to have a problem with hives.  She has been to the dermatologist many times, but the hives and itching has not been"cured"!  

I showered when I returned to Wilbur and by 10:30 Ken and I left to go to the Crow's Nest in Venice for lunch with Barb and Ray.  We had met them over 5 years ago when we were camping beside them at Royal Coachman CG near Venice.  We also visited them in Maine when we camped there several summers ago!

We had not seen them since last winter here in Florida so we were excited to spend time with them.  Ken and I had never eaten at the Crow's Nest and it is one of their favorite places. We ate on the second floor by the window that overlooked the north and south jetty at Venice and both the food and view were wonderful.  But the best part was spending about 2 hours visiting with Barb and Ray.  

We left there around 1:30 and Ken and I drove to Nokomis Beach.  It was a perfect beach day!  We found very few sharks teeth, but we did find about 10 pieces of sea glass - YES!  Ernie and Noela joined us at the beach around 3.  We all left the beach around 5 and went to Detweiler's Farm Market for fruit and veggies.  Of course, we had to have a small cone of ice cream too.  It is delicious and for $1.29 you just have to indulge!

We only returned to the CG at 6:30 and decided not to get together to play games tonight.  After showers and a light dinner, I painted another coconut fish while watching The Voice.  Ken spent time on the computer and doing some reading, but enjoyed The Voice too!

This will be a busy week, but we are loving every minute!  (Sorry, but no pictures today!  We didn't even get a photo of Barb and Ray - we are bad!!)

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