Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Okay It Was Time To Give In and Go to Urgent Care! Enough!!!

Ken was up and out of bed by 6 after a great night's sleep.  I was out of bed at 6:45 and boy did I have a bad headache.  I ate a muffin so I could take some Tylenol, but that didn't work out very well - it made me sick.  I also had absolutely no energy.  Our small group was getting together today for breakfast and The Purpose Driven Life Study that I was supposed to lead, but I definitely didn't feel up to it!  

Ken text them to let them know that we wouldn't be at breakfast or the study. Within about an hour, Ken and I left for Millennium Care, a recommendation from Jim and Joyce who have family in the area and use this facility.  It was a very nice place and the Dr. was great.  We had to wait about 1 hour which was plenty for this sick gal.  

Next store to the clinic was a CVS so I rested in the car while Ken got my prescriptions. The Dr. said I probably had the flu but by now that was past. Now I was dealing with bronchitis and sinusitis so he gave me Prednizone and another antibiotic.  We were back to Wilbur by 11:15 and I could hardly wait to go back to bed so I ate a muffin, took my medicine, and it was off to bed. I spent most of the afternoon resting and sleeping.

Ken went to Publix to get me some soup, crackers, and ice cream.  Food was finally starting to sound good.  I really haven't eaten much at all for about a week and what he bought tasted great!  

Ernie and Noela had gone kayaking today with Jim and Joyce and they stopped by around 6:30 to see how I was doing.  I already felt a lot better. After they left I decided to put away all my craft items that we had setting out on our table and buffet.  I was so ready for Wilbur to get back to normal.

We spent the evening watching TV and just relaxing.  Hopefully tomorrow I will continue to improve.  I am so ready to get better, enjoy this great weather, and get back to having fun!  I think it is coming!

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  1. Sure hope you are feeling better? If you remember, I had something similar a few years is really rough! You are way to special to be suffering with something that nasty! Take care of you...sending a hug! 💕