Thursday, March 23, 2017

Gorgeous Day in Venice Area!

After a flax pancake breakfast, Ken and I got ready for a fun-filled day with Barry and Deb.  The 4 of us left the CG at 9 in separate cars because of needing to take our bikes with us.

We drove to Caspersan Beach, parked, unloaded the bikes and were on our way to ride the Venetian Waterway Trail.  Our 1st stop was to feed peanuts to the Florida scrub jays if they chose to make an appearance.  Barry and Deb had seen pictures of us feeding them, but never had the experience of actually meeting them "up close and personal".  Fortunately, they must have been hungry today, even though it took some time for them to make an appearance. It is always a fun thing to do.

He must have liked the colors of Barry's helmet!!

They are so tame and just happy to sit on your hand!

Look out for the pelicans overhead!

Egrets also flew by!

We continued on the trail enjoying all the boats that went by and seeing the gopher tortoises.  Gopher tortoises are the only tortoises that are east of the Mississippi River.  We saw several large ones and 2 about the size of Ken's hand. We rode to Venice and then back to Caspersan Beach, 11 1/2 miles.  It was a wonderful ride on a perfect weather day!

Getting close to the drawbridge!

...and the sailboat is on its way!

One of our favorite places in Florida!

It is a beautiful trail!

One of the big guys!

This was the one that was the size of Ken's hand!

What a peaceful and picturesque place to eat your lunch.  We
have eaten at this table many times!

After loading up the bikes we drove to Farlows on the Water for a great lunch on their patio.  Barry and Deb said they would be very happy to return there next year.

We were back to the CG by 4:15, unloaded the bikes, and then Ken decided to take a short nap.  Being a tour guide is a very tiring job!!!!  I downloaded today's photos and worked on the blog.  Then I visited Ernie and Noela to share what each of us did today.  

At 7, Barry and Deb came to Wilbur and they bought a special chocolate cake that we cooked in our microwave.  It was a very healthy dessert and delicious. Then the women won a game of Rummikubb and the men won Skip-Bo, but just by "a thread".  It was such a fun time!  We are so thankful that Barry and Deb took time to stay at Harbor Lakes for these 3 nights so we could spend time together!  Ken and I enjoyed these days with them!  

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