Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thought We Felt Better, But No!

Ken decided to make egg mcmuffins for breakfast along with some fresh fruit. We both woke up feeling more energetic, but while prepping breakfast I started to feel light headed.  Sat down and starting drinking water in case I was dehydrated.  The eggs didn't taste as good as we had hoped - I guess our appetites still aren't the best!  After we cleaned up from breakfast, we decided doing laundry was a necessity!

So, off to the laundry where it was so busy.  Fortunately we found 3 vacant washers.  Ken went back to Wilbur and spent time raking outside, taking the bikes off the CRV, and cleaning up the patio area.   He came to the laundry to help me load the clean wash and by the time we had it away and the bed remade, it was nap time.

We ate a late lunch outside and talked about going to the beach, but neither of us felt like getting ready even though it was a gorgeous day.  We decided to go to Wal-Mart to look for some over the counter medicine and then to Dollar Tree for some cards and tissue paper to wrap my pictures in when at the craft show on Saturday.  

When we returned it was time for another nap - really????  When will this tiredness every end!!!!!  Ernie and Noela stopped by when they returned from their trip to Costco, Sweet Tomato and the beach.  One of these days we will feel good enough to go with them again and play games in the evening.

Ken grilled more chicken for dinner (one of the few foods that sounds good!) and after dinner, we watched The Voice and I did some work on the blog.  Did talk to Doloris and she is feeling much better.  Could not believe how quickly the medicine took effect. They will be leaving for home tomorrow morning (Friday) and we only got to spend 2 days with them!  Hopefully their drive home will be uneventful.

We were in bed by 9:15.  Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow!

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