Friday, March 3, 2017

Feel Better Today (Hope it lasts!)

Ken was up by 6 and I crawled out around 6:30.  We did some reading and then got ready for the day.  We had started taking some Mucinex late yesterday and it really did loosen my congestion and made me cough a lot less during the night.  Still not overly hungry so we had muffins and fresh fruit.

After cleaning up, Ken worked on the computer and I did some finishing work on my sea glass pictures.  We also addressed and wrote some cards, including postcards for our granddaughters.  I had a nice conversation with Ginny, a friend who lives in our building back home.  All is well!  Then I talked with Jamie and she is having some challenges with Cali's anxieties.  It has to be very difficult for Cali, but also for Jamie on a day to day basis!

Ken spent time at Ernie and Noela's while I was on the phone.  After lunch,  Ken and I had planned to go to Manasota Beach for a few hours, but we didn't feel that energetic.  So we took a little "snooze" and then loaded a few items for tomorrow's craft show. Ernie and Noela had gone to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, Costco, and then stopped at the beach.

Ken and I definitely felt more energetic today, so we played 3 games of shuffleboard with Ernie and Noela with the men winning 2 of 3.  After dinner we did play a game of Skip-Bo in their RV and we quit before the game was over, because Ken and I wanted to be in bed early for the craft show tomorrow.  Today was a better day, but still room for improvement! 

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