Thursday, March 30, 2017

Our Last Beach Day for the Winter of 2017 in Florida!

Ken left at 7:15 for a walk with Ernie and I got ready to play pickleball.  I did pack our lunches and clean up before getting to the courts at 8:20.  There were only 4 of us so I got to play right away.

Ken arrived at the courts a little before 9 and we played until 10.  Both of us had a good time.  Back to Wilbur to get ready to go to the beach and put supper in the crockpot.  The 4 of us left in Ernie's truck at 11 and headed to Manasota Beach.

We joined Bill, Carol, Jim and Joyce, fellow campers at Harbor Lakes, who had gotten there about an hour before us.   It was a positively gorgeous day on the beach - plenty of sunshine and in the mid 80's but with a nice breeze.  Ken and I actually got in the water up to our waists,but we spent most of our time looking for sharks teeth.  The tides were just right and we were able to find a lot of them.  This was our last time on the beach for this trip to Florida and we loved it!

Shark tooth hunting@

Ernie and Noela love to go in the water!

A 1st for this trip - Ken and I both went in
the Gulf!

The water is such a gorgeous color!

On the way back to the CG we stopped at Wal-Mart for groceries that we will need when we are on Jekyll Island, GA.  We only got back to Wilbur at 6, showered, and got ready to "host" Ernie and Noela for dinner.  We ate outside around 7:15 and it was a beautiful evening.  We are so fortunate not to have bugs at this CG.  It is amazing!  Dinner was a success but there was a lot of clean-up.

Carol and Joyce came over to see Wilbur (he looked a mess because we were still cleaning up from dinner and had some clothes from the beach hanging around to dry).  Carol wanted to buy one of the fish I had painted, so I will complete it tomorrow so she can take it with her when they leave.

After they left, Ernie, Noela, Ken and I played a game of Skip-Bo.  The ladies were WAY ahead and somehow the men ended up winning the game.  Maybe it was all the Skip-Bo cards they kept getting!  It was ridiculous!  They left at 9:30 and I worked on this blog while in bed.  I can't believe tomorrow is our last day here in Florida for the winter of 2017.  We have had a great time and the weather has been fantastic.  Also staying at one campground for the entire 3 months has been so nice!  I loved not having to move!

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